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LairJams: Open Mikes and Jam Sessions in the Seattle Area

Mind you, None of this is Etched in stone. You know how clubs have been Folding and changing formats around here Lately...

***Update (MONDAY, JANUARY 28, 2013): Guess what, friends and LairLurkers? I've gotten bloody Sick of just thinking about completing my CD and going on open mic tours; and recently penned myself a memo stating, in Effect, "Let's DO this [expletive] Already!!" Hence, going way beyond my Usual comfort zone (in the midst of Winter Hibernation Mode, no less), I've just initiated a CD Project Crowdfunding Campaign!! Being very new to this sort of thing, I haven't Yet set up a Reward Levels list for donations; but, as they say, no donation is too small (or, in fact, too big!), and all donations are desperately Needed and massively Appreciated! And I will see, as soon as I can, about rewarding donors with Such things as free EPs, stickers, download cards, etc.; I promise! I just have to get them Made first! Thanks so very much in advance...











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