LairLoot: Links to Get Rich and Famous On (Yeah, Right!)

We all want to make money, right? But since the economy is in a slump anyway, let's make money doing what we love! Think about it: the LairMistress has more potential job security singing at Pike Place Market than the average Boeing engineer has right now! So let's take the Bear Market by the tail and work on our own terms for a change! What have we got to lose? So, here are some links to Commission programs, e-commerce, musician's gigs, small writing markets, freelance job sites...heck, I earned 6.9 whole cents last night doing online trivia quizzes!

Anyway, here are the LairLoot SubLairs as they now stand...


Four Out of the Seven SubLairs That At Least Look Presentable By Now

Progressive, Nonprofit and Alternative Work Resources, in Seattle and Elsewhere
Write Under the Radar: LairLurking for Freelance Writing Gigs
Freelance Music GigLairs: Work for a Loving
The TradeLair: Lurking in the Murky Realm of E-Commerce

The SubLairs that are Still Very Much in Development (But We Thought You'd Like to Peek at Them, Anyway)

LairLoot of the Affiliates: Where You're Paid to Paste Up Pretty LairLink Banners and Stuff
Small Writing and Craft Markets: LairLinks That Don't Quite Fit Elsewhere...
Freelance Burrowing: JobLairs for Miscellaneous Fun Gigs


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