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Progressive, Nonprofit and Alternative Work Resources, in Seattle and Elsewhere

Okay, so the LairSpeak failed me on the title this time. It's 4:33 PM on a Friday, and I'm tired. So I just copied the SubLair title verbatim off of my LairLinks Complex Outline (zzzzz...)...


Alternative WorkStyles: Real JobLairs Without Cookie Cutters

FlipDog Homepage
Blue Bound's Alternative Jobs Homepage
Woman's Alternative Work Arrangements for Women
The Seattle Weekly's Classifieds Index
The Stranger's Classifieds Index
Seattle Public Library's The Informed Artist: ArtWork
The City of Seattle's Employment LairLinks (The place to go...when your job sucks) International Job Search

Alt JobLairs Of Specific Focus

Career Alternatives for Art Historians
Archaeologic Communications's Workplace Links
Anthro Tech Career Connection (Anthropology) (Applied Anthropology)
Careers in Linguistics Page
Jobs for English Majors (Heidelberg College English Dept. JobLair) Entertainment Industry Database and Resource Lair
Nature Jobs: Making Science Work

JobLairs Where Peace and Justice Kiss (or...Use Your Imagination)

Jobs With Justice Online
Earthworks Jobs Homepage
Good Works First: National Directory
Earthwatch Institute
Career Opportunities at the ACLU (Nationwide)
Internet Nonprofit Center of the Evergreen State Society
Opportunity Knocks (SF Based DataLair) Action Without Borders
Network for Good: ePhilanthropy (Includes Job Resources)



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