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A Celtic Festival is a festival of Mixed Celtic nations, etc not predominantly Irish or Scottish
An Irish Festival is a Festival with more than 50% of the Entertainment is Irish
For Irish Festivals go to Irish Festivals by Dates
An Scottish Festival is a Festival with more than 50% of the Entertainment is Scottish
For Scottish Festivals go to Scottish Highland Festivals by Dates

Does Not Include St Patrick's Day Parades or Events go to St Patricks Day Parades

Updated: July 7, 2017

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January 18 20 2018 Boston Celtic Music Festival Boston Massachusetts 2018 Dates!
February 26 28 **** Celtic Fest New Orleans New Orleans, Louisiana
March 9 11 2018 Sonora Celtic Faire St Augustine, Florida 2018 Dates!!
March 9 11 2018 St Augustine Celtic Festival St Augustine, Florida 2018 Dates!!
March 10 11 2017 Celtic Bayou Fest Lafayette, Louisiana
March 10 10 2018 Celtic Festival Morehead, Minn 2018 Dates!!
April 22 23 2017 Ormond Beach Celtic Festival Ormond Beach, Florida
April 28 28 2018 Celtic Festival of Southern Maryland Jefferson-Patterson Pk, MD 2018 Dates!!
May 20 20 2017 Finger Lakes Celtic Games & Festival Farmington, New York NEW ENTRY!!
May 27 28 2017 Shawnee Celtic Festival Delaware, PA
Jun-Jul 30 22017 Malad Valley Welsh Festival Malad Idaho
June 23 252017 Celtic Fling & HG Mannheim, PA
July 14 15 2017 Saline Celtic Fest Saline, Michigan
July 15 21 2017 Swannanoa Gathering Celtic Week Ashevill, North Carolina
July 14 16 2017 Maine CelticFestival Belfast, Maine
July 29 29 2017 Celtic Festival Missoula Festival Missoula, Montana Free Admission
August ? ? 2017 Hunter Mountain Celtic Festival Hunter Mountain, NY
August 17 20 2017 Berea Celtic Festival Berea, Kentucky
August 26 26 2017 Will County Celtic Festival Joliet, Illinois
September 9 11 **** Celtic Festival, Mississippi Jackson, Miss
September 15 16 2017 NE South Dakota Celtic Faire Aberdeen, South Dakota
September 17 17 **** Celtic Festival (CO) Eminence, Kentucky
September 17 18 **** Celtic Harvest Festival (CO) Edgewater, Colorado 2017 Cancelled
September 20 20 **** Appalachtion Celtic Connection Ringold, Georgia
September 21 21 **** Celtic HarvestFestival (AZ) Sedona, Arizona
September 24 24 **** Pipes in the Valley Hartford, Conneticut
Sep-Oct 29 1 2017 Cornish Festival Mineral Point, Wisconsin
Sep-Oct 29 1 2017 KVMR 89.5 Celtic Festival Grass Valley, California
October 6 14 2017 Celtic Colours Intl Festival Cape Breton CANADA
October 7 8 2017 Reno Celtic Celebration Brunswick, Maine
November 3 5 2017 Gathering of Cornish Cousins Milwaukee, Wisconsin
November 4 5 2017 Austin Celtic FestivalFestival Austin, Texas
November 18 18 **** Saltwater Celtic Festival Brunswick, Maine
****Asterisked Dates are dates for Completed 2016 Festivals. Dates for 2017 are not available yet.

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