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The Bosilek Bulgarian Folk Dance Ensemble, the only exclusively women's Bulgarian folk dance performing ensemble in the USA, is celebrating its 21st anniversary this year. The ensemble has performed in a wide variety of venues ranging from Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center in New York to the garden of the White House in Washington, D.C., at festivals, in libraries, schools and other venues throughout the northeast United States, and has been featured in festivals and on television in Bulgaria.

Although most members of the ensemble are native-born Americans of mixed ethnic background, the group has a self-appointed mission--that of bringing the beauty of the rich treasure that is Bulgarian folklore to its American audiences. This mission is reinforced by the group's affiliation with the Center for Bulgarian Culture in America, a New York based cultural organization. Bosilek's performances are often the first and/or only information many people have about Bulgaria.

Cathie Springer, Director of Bosilek, has this to say about the ensemble's hopes of preserving for future generations the incredible vitality of the folk traditions which are sadly fast disappearing in modern Bulgaria:
"With the bright colors of our costumes and flowers, the variety of rituals and dances of celebration, our music, which is created specially for us on the basis of the old traditional melodies, and in what we tell to the audience about our material, we are able to bring to diverse American audiences a glimpse of the magical landscape of Bulgaria: the mountains and valleys, the fertile fields, the sparking streams and springs; with our calls, our songs, the sound of our shoes or bells, we can evoke sounds scarcely heard even in Bulgaria today".
Bosilek 1988