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This is the links page. Here you will find links on every
subject. Use these to study for tests or to check your
grades. I even put in the website for the Spanish book!!!
Click on the
underlined word to go to the site.
html. This site I think you should use to study for a test,
but I wouldn't rely on it.
Language Arts and are great sites for current
The Pre-Algebra book's website is as great as all the
rest to quiz your self for the test or the always popping
up quiz.
Algebra provides you with great practice
problems and great activities to help you study for
the test. This is a great site, you MUST TRY IT!!!
Spanish is great for studying for a test. I works
for both classes.
Glencoe is great for the tests. Take the practice test, it
The Westglades website you can find club information and
other links.
Pinnacle will send you directly to where you can view
your grades online.

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