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Tracy M Mosley Sister Debbie

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Tracy's sister Debbie & her husband Bobby, Orlando Florida 1984 Roller Skating National Championship. They placed 5th in the country.

1984 Roller Skating National Chapionship

To My Little Sister

The word says it all!
There is no other bond like it .

I remember that day you came into our family. I stood with Daddy, Tracy and Billy outside at Mound Park Hospital. We were looking up waving to mommy. Daddy took my little hand and put a small baby doll in it. This is in my memory forever.

When you came home from the hospital I was quite the little mommy, or so I thought.

I protected you three times.

Once in the living room while you were in the baby walker you choked on a rattle. I acted quick, yelled for mommy and got it out of your throat.

Then in the garage, you tipped over on the stool and I acted quick and caught you so you didn`t fall and hit the back of your head. Then under the dining room window, we played and a roach got on you. I am still not fond of them at all!

I remember playing Barbie doll with you.

How we put a sheet over the dining room table and played.

The lettuce with salt mom made for us when we played house. I got in trouble one time because I wouldn`t let you have any! I told mom you had to take a nap. Needless to say, you ate lettuce with me.

I remember when you graduated from St. Pete. High School.

Became a legal secretary.

When you got married.

When you had your house built.

Your acheivements in Roller Skating, especially in the National Championships 1984.

We were the Skating Mosley`s at Gay Blades Roller Skating Rink when we were growing up! We had such fun in those days.

We understand each other.

We have been through good times and bad.

We have shared many laughs and cried some tears through the years.

I want you to know that I love you, I respect you and I am proud of you.

You are also so precious to me.

You are my SISTER.

You are my BEST FRIEND.

Basset Hound

The Skating Mosley's Debbie - Camilla - Billy - Tracy - Dad

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