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Tracy M Mosley Fred's Tribute

Fred Schrader
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Tribute to Uncle Tracy Fred Schrader (Nephew)

I am very proud of my Uncle. He was a caring, non-judgmental, uplifting person. Plain and simple, he was a decent man.

He always lived for the times, not in the past. He was logical when he gave me advice. Straight to the point.

When I was a little boy he stood up, helped and protected my mother and me. He was never to busy to help mom. He looked after her and I always felt safe knowing Uncle Tracy was there---a hero.

He could light up a room, too. He loved to dance and have fun. And, wow, could he dance!

He taught me secrets about his master pool shooting. He is the one who taught me how to play pool. I like it to this day, however, he was always better than me!

He knew how to talk to people and seemed to have the knack for saying just the right thing at the right time to me. He also had a good sense of humor. And he cared more about the people who loved him than himself. He never wanted anyone worrying about him. Whatever was to be, was the way it would be and he wasn`t scared about it.

Uncle Tracy, I can only say thank you being the kind, passionate and loving Uncle you were to me for 35 years. I can only say Good-Bye for awhile, not forever....I will see you again in Heaven. You are in my heart and your spirit is with me and all your loved ones, especially Aunt Barbara.

I love you,
Good-Bye for awhile,
Your nephew,
Fred Schrader

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