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Tracy M Mosley APPA President Bob Reed

Pool Table
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The 9 ball Tournament was at the Showdown in Pine Bluff the night before Tracy's 59th birthday...

From now on, every year, with the first tournament of the season, Tracy's banner will be displayed.... TRACY MOSLEY MEMORIAL TOURNAMENT!!

Dear Camilla,
I have a picture album that I have been building for years of just pool players. I had taken this picture of Tracy and Barbara a long time ago and had him sign it. It is made up of professional players but mostly it is of friends that I have made over the years in the pool world. Tracy and Barbara were among my favorite people to spend time with between matches at the APPA tournaments. We always seemed to find ourselves in conversations ranging from ways to make the APPA better, which Tracy contributed quite a lot of input, to the fact that we both considered ourselves the best "over 50" players in the league. Those young whippersnappers would have a hard time dealing with us if we were only 20 years younger. he he But the fact remains that win or lose Tracy always had a smile on his face and had a style of play that made anyone who looked his way stop and take a second look and say, wow.... did you see that shot? How on earth did he do that! He will be remembered among the APPA players not just as an excellent pool player, but as someone that virtually everyone that knew him would have to say they just enjoyed being in his company on or off the table. His name comes up all the time at our tournaments and he will be missed among us all for a long time to come.

Bob Reed, APPA President and friend of Tracey and Barbara Mosley

P.S. I took a picture of my table here at the house and the picture of a stick and a rack of nine ball. Nine ball was definitely his favorite pool game. The picture of them was taken in my pre digital camera days, so that is a picture of a picture. I hope it looks ok and can be of some use to you. The original will stay in my pool players picture book. Most everyone enjoys looking through it now and then.
Tracy & Barbara

Tracy & Barbara

Tracy & Barbara

Pool Table

APPA President Bob Reed's Pool Table

Pool Table With Stick & 9 Ball

Bob Reed's Pool Table With Stick & 9 Ball

Pool Player

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