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Kaspy vs. DJ; Game # 1

The first encounter - - - will the game live up to the hype? The worst thing - for me, anyway - would be a resounding loss for Kasparov. I keep my fingers crossed and begin to observe. 

  GM Garry Kasparov  (2847) -  Deep_Junior (Computer)  (2500) 
X3D  "Man vs. Machine"  Match 
New York City (1), [USA]  26.01.2003

1.d4 d5;  2.c4 c6;  3.Nc3 Nf6;  4.e3 e6;  5.Nf3 Nbd7;  6.Qc2 Bd6;  
7.g4 dxc4;  8.Bxc4 b6;  9.e4 e5;  10.g5 Nh5;  11.Be3 0-0;  12.0-0-0 Qc7; 
13.d5 b5;  14.dxc6 bxc4;  15.Nb5 Qxc6;  16.Nxd6 Bb7;  17.Qc3 Rae8;  
18.Nxe8 Rxe8;  19.Rhe1 Qb5;  20.Nd2 Rc8;  21.Kb1 Nf8;  22.Ka1 Ng6; 
23.Rc1 Ba6; 24.b3 cxb3;  25.Qxb3 Ra8;  26.Qxb5 Bxb5;  
27.Rc7,  White wins 1-0

(Click  HERE  to replay the game, light CB annotations.) 

The rating for Kasparov is his official one from the last FIDE rating list. The one for Deep Junior is simply an estimate. 

  (Click  here  to see some thoughts on this game by Amir Ban, one of Deep Junior's programmers.)  

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 Click   HERE   to see my analysis of this game.  

 My take on this game?   I watched the whole game on the  X3D  site. 
(I also popped in and out of about a dozen other sites.) 

The choice of the Slav/Semi-Slav by Black should have done well. (Fritz did very well from classical positions against Kramnik.) But Kasparov counters with the ultra-sharp play, 7.g4!?. ( Maybe - '!!'  If he had lost this game, I am sure  everyone  would have roundly condemned this move! )  But Kasparov has come well-prepared  ...  the experts tell me the computer was OUT of its {computer} book before move ten!! 

Move 13 was possibly new, I could not find this move in any of my books, my database or any on-line database. (Hillarp-Petersson  had previously played 13.Kb1.) 

I thought b5 was a gross blunder. (At that level.) An Internet student of mine has a brand-new (Pentium IV) computer and was running  Fritz 8.0.  He said the computer already considered White to be clearly better. In any case, I feel ...b5; definitely made White's job easier. Kasparov played very sharply and accurately. The move 17...Re8???; must have been the result of some type of power surge or a hole in the program. After this move, the computer has ZERO chance of defeating a player of Kasparov's caliber!

The game did NOT live up to the hype. But I warned everyone, Kasparov will come prepared armed to the teeth. All holes in the opening book will be discovered. Any trends or tendencies of the program to play poorly in certain types of positions or endgames will also be fully exploited. ( I wonder if there is any truth to the rumor that hundreds of Russian Masters were given computers and Junior 7.0, and asked to play games against the computer program?  { ---> To look for any possible weakness.} )  

Hype and rumor aside - this match is looking like a blowout. Of course, I predicted the same thing when Kramnik was far ahead of Deep Fritz, I will be more cautious this time. I think a final score of 4-2 is completely reasonable ... at least up to this point. 

 (I first drafted the above paragraph about a week before the match was to begin.) 

Kasparov wins game one against computer
27.01.2003  Deep Junior is one of the strongest programs in the world, and it was prepared for this match by human grandmasters. But in game one in New York it ran into a Super-Grandmaster, or something beyond that. Garry Kasparov took the bull by the horns in a daring game which left the audience gasping. (From the  ChessBase  web site.)  

kasp-vs-dj_g1-1.gif, 11 KBBoy do they love this match!
27.01.2003  The broadsheets, Internet sites and TV stations are full of it. The New York Times carried two full articles on the day after Super Bowl!! "They love the event," says the organizer, "they love the coverage, they love Garry, they love the result of game one."
X3D Technologies is collecting clippings of 45,000 articles that have appeared in the last two day. We give you a tiny selection on our Man vs Machine media page.

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