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Kasp. vs DJ, The Match

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(All the above games are deeply annotated. A text-score page ... AND a java-script re-play page as well. Plus many links!) 



 --->  The diary of the match: 

Game # 1.  Kasparov is White and hits the poor box with a prepared line.  

This looks like a big hole in the opening 'book' of the computer, the machine's play in the rest of this game was really pathetic. While a brilliant game for Garry, this must have set off (A LOT!!! of)  fire-alarms for the Deep Junior team. 

  Score: 1 - 0  for Garry.  

Game # 2.  Kasparov plays another line, (Sicilian); that he must have analyzed beforehand.  

Once again, Garry Kasparov - always a master of preparation - plays another line he surely cooked up in advance for the program. (And I am also reasonably sure he played several training games against the box, and knew it did NOT handle the resultant positions very well.)  And once again only a mis-step by Garry allows DJ to escape with a draw. Does anyone realize the score should be 2-0 for GM G. Kasparov? What a game. (Garry will be mad at himself for a while for missing the knock-out blow here. A brilliancy that might have been.)  

  Score: 1.5 - 0.5  for Garry.    

Game # 3.  Another Semi-Slav opening, nearly identical to the first game. The computer seems addicted to the rather inferior 6...b6!?. Anyway, it was a wild and as sharp an opening as you will ever see - especially for a double-QP line like this. 

I thought Garry would find a forced win, but he never quite conjured up the knock-out blow. For a long time it looked like he was winning, but the computer program defended well. 
In the end, perhaps trying for the mirage of a win, Garry over-played his hand and lost. 

  Score: 1.5 - 1.5  .............. even!  

Game # 4.  My computer crashed, so I did not learn about game four (#4)  until well after the fact. Apparently the computer played a weird opening, and Kasparov had many chances. (He could have played ...b5 and seized the initiative. Why he did not is a complete mystery to me.)  Anyway, as the game progressed, the computer got a very strong initiative, and maybe even missed a chance to win. Kasparov was very fortunate to hold Deep Junior to a draw. 

  Score: 2.0 - 2.0  .............. even!  

Game # 5.   In the fifth game, Kasparov was either tired or spooked. Garry played the opening simply but powerfully, and seemed all set to dominate the center. (The opening was a Nimzo-Indian.) The computer sacrifices on h2. According to one of my students, this is a sacrifice which is known to be bad. GM John Federowicz - commenting on - said the sacrifice was very unsound. (!) Yet Kasparov played weakly and allowed the computer to make a perpetual. Draw!  

  Score: 2.5 - 2.5  .............. even!  

Game # 6.  The sixth game was very tense, the media coverage was unlike anything seen in recent years. Every major network and news agency had representatives there.
In addition, ESPN carried the games live! (I recorded the coverage of this game on a VHS tape.) 

Everyone said Garry was out to prove himself and was determined to show that he was clearly the best player in the world. The stakes were high, a loss would cost Garry a QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS!!! Garry played the Najdorf Sicilian in response to Junior's 1.e4. The former world Champion slowly increased the energy in his position until it exploded in an exchange sacrifice on c3. All the commentators were exultant, it appeared that Deep Junior would go down in flames. 

Then - just when it looked like there would be real fireworks, Garry decided to allow a draw. And just like that, it was over. Garry makes $ 625,000.00, and the Deep Junior team makes $ 375,000.00. In the end, this match was great for chess. The media has not paid this much attention to a game since Fischer-Spassky, Iceland; 1972. 

  Score: 3.0 - 3.0  ..............  even! (Drawn Match)   

This will be the page where I begin the actual coverage of the match. 

The hoopla surrounding this match is enormous. After looking like this match was not going to happen - the potential venues changed many times - now it seems everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon. AOL, X3D, many news agencies, the coverage of this match in New York looks like it will be nothing short of phenomenal. 

This promises to be maybe a much more exciting match than the one Kramnik played against Deep Fritz. The venue is certainly a much better stage than Bahrain. And I can almost guarantee that Kasparov will play more dynamic and exciting chess than Kramnik did. I think he will be very well prepared. 

Another thing a LOT of people have overlooked is that this is  SLOW  chess. (The time limit is like 120 minutes for 40 moves. Another 60 minutes will be added at move 40, and another 30 minutes are added at move 60.)  Kasparov - while a mean blitz player - would probably agree that the best showcase for his talent is slow chess.

Another thing to consider is Kasparov's excellence with computers. With computers aiding play, Kasparov is virtually unbeatable. (He has beaten nearly everyone at this form of chess.) He was one of the first GM's to use chess programs and laptops. (He has always been a master of preparation.)  He was one of the first players to compile databases of opponents games to look for weaknesses. I would bet that Kasparov has purchased every single CB product, and is busily searching for possible weaknesses and holes in the computer's 'BOOK' openings. Look out, DJ!! 

Yet another factor in this match - overlooked by many pundits - is Kasparov maybe the best and  MOST EXPERIENCED  "computer trasher"  in the world. He has played matches against Fritz, Genius, Deep Thought, etc. And lest I forget,  TWO (2) matches against the SUPER-COMPUTER,  DEEP BLUE. 

LM A.J. Goldsby I
(I first drafted this the last week of December, 2002.)


My original prediction was a win for GM Garry Kasparov ... by a score of 4 - 2. 

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This page was last updated on 06/07/12 .

March 06th, 2003:  I have been working on the (thorough) annotation of these games for weeks. (My computer crashed several times - I lost a lot of work.) 

Thus far, I have only posted the complete annotations of game one and game six. (I did not intend to do them in this order, it just worked out this way.) 

I had originally promised to post the complete analysis within a day or so of the completion of each game. Of course, when I had promised this, I had no idea I would be dealing with things like a complete failure of my OS. (OS = Operating System ... like Windows.) 

I can only apologize for the delays and tell you this: When I am finished, and all of this analysis is posted,    it will be more complete and better than anything else on the web    ... period!!  (Of course I have read and perused everything about this match ... or as much as is humanly possible. I have also spent a great deal of time analyzing these games - much more time than any of the other writers or pundits. So I can be sure that this work will be .... up and away, and by far ...  the best analysis to be found.)  

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