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here are some Flags into Battle lyrics..still under construction

Toughen Up

On the Streets you look down as you walk
Are you afraid of getting caught?
By those who want to beat you down
You got to fight hard,You've got to hold your ground
You got your pride to be the best
Hold it up high and fight harder than the rest

Toughen Up!

Fight cause you know you're right
Win, or lose , hey its just another fight
Aggression in your blood , you start to burn
Others had their chance now take your turn
Foward into battle, you don't really care
You don't wanna be a coward without dare

Toughen Up!

Don't look for trouble but if it comes
Be prepared to fight and don't run

Weekend Relief

We've got the sharp cuts and our boots on tight
Going out drinking on friday night.....yeah
Hot blooded and feeling alright
Going out on friday night
We make our mark on the town
Always something going down
With a bottle in our hand
And a song in our hearts
We make our rounds

Its that day of the week, when you get your release
So knock down the doors, it's our time to kick back
Cut away from your troubles at home, forget work,and the grindstone
Knock down the beers, its our time to kick back

Another Weekend's at its end
Distant memories of drinking w/ your friends
You just want to, Know you need to

Break away

And the stress it builds, your fun is just a week away
And the pressure it builds, your time is just a week away
And the stress it fills, up your mind
And the stress eats ou up alive

another week is at its end
Its time to hangout with your friends
You just wanted to, know you needed to
Break away

Out With The Gang

Those hot summer night hanging out w/ the gang
Drinkin beer, Chasing skirts, having a good time
All our troubles are far away, and the boys are here to stay
Well look back on those days and you know what well say.

These are the days to remember
Now and forever
These are the days to remember
From now until forever!

We're breaking night with the crew today.
Where well end up I can't say.
But i know in my heart, well find the way.
Our favorite tunes are blastin all the way up
And the cops keep on passin,but we don't give a fuck...cause!

We raise a beer to toast the day, up high where our spirits stay
but its time to part so we chug the brew and go our own ways
Some to work,some to sleep and some still hangin out in the street
But one things for sure, well still keep with the beat


Taffy was a welshman,Taffy Was a Thief;
Taffy came to my house and stole a piece of beef
I went to taffy's house, Taffy was not home;
Taffy came to my house and stole a mutton bone


I went to Taffys house taffy was not in,
Taffy came to my house and stole a silver pin.
I went to taffys house Taffy was in bed,
I took up a poker and threw it at his head!

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