Ah, the city of brotherly love and the birthplace of our little nation. This city is nice in its mix between the historic and modern. You can walk down small streets of rowhouses that were built in the 1700's and look up to see the huge skyline looming over them. You can sit in front of Independence Hall and admire the twin towers of Liberty Place, the tallest buildings in the city. The fifth largest city in America, it also seems to be one of the most diversified. It's a great mesh of cultures and it's evident along the streets.

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L: Photo looking towards city center; R: City park at night around Christmas time

L: Frog statue next to a fountain; R: Downtown buildings (near City Hall) at night

nearly 360-degree panoramic from riverfront; that's Camden, NJ across the river

L: Christmas time at City Hall; R: Blurred pic of Liberty Place through a city park's lights

L: Skyline from West Philadelphia (where I was born and raised and on the playground spent most of my days); R: Street scene in West Philadelphia (Christmas time)

L: Skyline from West Philadelphia; R: Statue in a fountain downtown

L: Liberty Place; R: Looking up from an indoor mall downtown

L: Inside City Hall (and you wonder where your taxes go); R: Eagle statue stationed on a lamppost