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Welcome to my Disney website. I really should have called it my Walt Disney World website, but that's a mouthful. Most of my site is dedicated to the theme parks in Orlando, Florida. I really can't say too much on the others, since I've never been to them. I can say that I was only miles away from Euro Disney once, but it wasn't on our tour, so I didn't get to go.

Some of you may wonder why I am making yet another Disney website. After all, the Disney company has it's own website. And besides that, there are hundreds, thousands, or maybe even millions of other Disney websites that you could visit. Well the reason is, mine is better than all of the other ones. That, and I am Walter Elias Disney reincarnated. Don't believe me? Well, that's okay. Because what you don't know is that you, yes you reading this, were my first Janitor who died early in my career. Isn't your life complete now that you know you cleaned Walt Disney's toilets? By the way, that night when you had the heart attack, you missed the garbage can in my office.

Anyway, I just wanted to offer my own insight. The view of the park from a regular kid. Also, I don't think there are too many sites with a page against the Fastpass, Disney's new evil.

So browse through, check it out. Hope you like it. Please vote for me below. And if you're ever at the parks and see a kid with Mickey gloves and a big blue Jiminey Cricket hat,(most likely doing something weird or goofy) say hi, because it's probably me!

Updated June 30, 2006 :

It Is Time to reveal the truth... if you can handle the truth. Stitch is evil... don't believe me? His coming was predicted many years ago and I have uncovered the conspiracy. Open your mind and click here...

Rise of the Antimouse!

April 2006: I've added a new links page. Check out what I've found!! Also a few new entries in the News and Failed Projects pages.

You can see descriptions of the links below.....

About Me NEWS
QUIZ Park Tips
The Pop Century Resort FASTPASS
Guide to free souvenirs Fireworks

Alien Encounter

Hall of Presidents Haunted Mansion's Stretching Room
Fantasyland Adventureland
Tommorrowland Mickey's 75th Birthday Statues
KINGDOM HEARTS Disney Failed and crazy Projects
Cooool Disney Links

Link Descriptions:

Mickey's Birthday Statues---Pictures of the celebrity inspired statues in honor of Mickey's 75th anniversary!

NEWS--Find out what's happening in the Parks, the company, or on this website!!

Disney Quiz--Think you know the Walt Disney World resort?? Test your knowledge in the quiz.

Failed Disney Projects--See the weird, crazy, and just wrong projects the Imagineers never saw completed.

Pop Century--My original inside scoop on one of the coolest All Star resorts for all you nostalgia lovers.

Fastpass--My article on the Disney Fastpass(it's not a positive view).

Free souvenirs--Here I'll show you souvenirs that you can get and keep to remind you of your trips to whichever theme park you go to, at little or no cost!! Sound cool? Check it out!

Fireworks--Never seen Fireworks at Walt Disney World? Want to relive the memory? Here's a page of my own creation.

Alien Encounter--The largest, most in-depth Alien Ancounter site on the web. With full script, behind the scenes, cast, and more....

Fantasmic--The most amazing show ever, Fanstasmic at MGM Studios. Has pics, info, and more....

Hall of Presidents--The coolest use of Animatronics Disney has. With info and pics.

Stretching Room--Revisit the Stretching Room from the Classic Haunted Mansion. Be careful, this chamber has no windows, and no doors..HAHAHAHA

Fantasyland--Information and tips on the Magic Kingdom area Fanstasyland.

About Me--well that's self explanatory, I think

Kingdom Hearts--The coolest game ever created! It combines Disney characters with Final Fantasy characters for a video game trip through the best Disney worlds. This page features my own original material for the game, including pictures of the main characters visiting DisneyWorld. Enjoy!!

Coool Disney Links-- A few sites related to Disney that I think you should check out!! Go Ahead, I cleaned them first. They all have that new link smell now!

What's your Favorite Disney memory? Character? Movie? Have a comment for me? Share it with me here, and read others answers.

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