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General Rules
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1. Recruitment! The minimum level for recruiting has been decided to be a firm level 20! The reason for this being is, this is where most of the classes get there caps raised, plus it is alot easier to schedule raids for the majority.

2. /Guildsay!
Absolutely no begging of items or Power Leveling! You can ask for service needed... I mean hell that is what we are here for to help!

3. Raids! Please see "Raid Rules" for all raid rules applied to this guild!

4. Loyalty! We have worked hard in keeping this guild maintained with characters! We do not want people that are just looking for the pretty guild tag at the end of there name. We are not saying that we want you on 6 days out of the week. We just want our members to be loyal to the guild. So if you are looking for a guild to PL you and get you to level 60 so you can quit the guild to go on plane raids everyday, please don't ask for us to help!

5. Getting to know... Please get to know the Remnants before you need join! We highly stress this, so we don't have the constant recruits on the roster then having to take them off in two weeks because we don't do planes! We a re a mid level guild.. Look at the roster section if we would benefit you.. Then we will see if you can benefit us!

6. Updating! Updating is a valuable portion also to this guild. Have the site updated everyday is a great benefit of the guild. This allows for us to better plan raids for appropriate levels. So please keep us updated via the update option of the side bar.

7. Actions! Actions all across Norrath reflect upon the guild tag that you hold. So if you are a PK'er or a person that just loves to cause mischief among fellow players of the world... Please DO NOT apply!!

8. Officer Status! You can recieve officer status by having a nomination approved by 3 or more officers! Also you must be in good guild standings in general.

9. Guild Removal! You CAN be voted out of the guild for constant misbehavior. Upon the guild removal recommendation atleast 5 officers must vote for the removal. One of the votes must come from one of the 3 leaders of the guild Moonz, Shrack, Pazl, and Pyronight.