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Raid Rules

There are basically two different kinds of raids that we will be doing:

1. Dungeon/zone - Standard raid
2. Planes - Planes raid

I thought Pazl had some good ideas with his post in response to Mrye's comments as did Jearom. If we develop a structure and follow it we will be successful in our raids.

A common complaint is that (on one listens). Well how could they, with all the guild chat and other distractions that have been occurring when we are raiding. Communication during the raid is critical and will either be by guild chat or occ as established by the raid leader prior to the raid. This means that only the raid leader and the group leaders can use guild chat when a raid is in progress. Members in a group will use group chat or tells to communicate. Members that are not participating in the raid will not use guild chat until the raid is finished. We will have to enforce these rules if we are to be successful. Oh by the way, we are going to be!!)

I know that we have some really talented people in our guild and I would appreciate help with suggestions for the raid structure. As we develop the structure we can try each one out and see what works and what doesn't. The raid committee cna take our suggestions and work our a set of rules. I will be adding a list to this post for each type of raid. Once the structure is adopted we will require that members follow the rules and do not do there own thing on raids!

Standard Raid Rules:

1. Raid Leader - A raid leader will be established prior to any raid.
a. The raid leader will announce that guild chat is taken for the raid prior to giving the raid start instructions
b. The raid leader will not be a group leader
c. The primary function of the leader will be to coordinate communication between groups and movement of groups. Do not move the group location until the leader tells you to.

2. The raid leader will select group leaders

  • 3. Groups will be balanced - if possible
  • 2 tanks
  • 1 Cleric or other healer
  • 1 Enchanter
  • 1 Druid (sow and snare)
  • 1 Nuker (wizz or other)

4. The group leader will get his members buffed prior to starting the raid.
a. invis or ivu if required
b. AC and HP buffs
c. Casters load gate and one group member gets selected for EVAC detail)

5. The raid leader will not start the raid until all group leaders give the go ahead that group members are buffed and ready.

6. Members of a group will all be of simiular lvl.

With the exception of the group leader there will be not more that a 10 lvl difference between the lowest member and the hightest member of the group.

7. The overall raid will have an objective and each group will have there objective.

8. Group leaders will have a map of the raid location at hand.

9. Pulling
a. No pulls will be allowed until the raid leader starts the raid
b. There will be only one designated puller per group and he will not pull until his group leader starts each pull.
c. The puller will announce his pulls.
d. All members of the group will assist the puller.

10. The Group Leader will not use SoW unless all members of the group have a SoW. In general it is imprortant that all members either have a sow or do not have one. This is necessary to prevent members from getting left behind and lost.

11. Members that violate the rules will be warned and:
a. If they continue to interfere they will be removed from the group
b. If they still continue to interfere they will be removed from the raid
c. If they continue to interfere they will be removed from the Guild by a co-leader