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Barry's Gallery
of Canoe Art, River Scenes,Wildlife, Portraits,and MURALS.

nice links,and a bit of humor.
"way down upon the Suwannee River"
My paintings are for sale. Most are 16x20, and some are 18x24.
Most are oil on canvas, and some are painted on masonite.Email me if you are interested.

I live in the Mayo, Florida area. Need some artwork done?
More NEW stuff coming soon!

Please visit my new Gallery.
It's under construction, but you can at least peek in!
Barry's Gallery

Spirit of Suwannee
The Sailingcanoe Project

As we roam the world
and glide through life.
There are choices for
us to make.
Some will make waves,
and live a life of strife.
Some will watch in awe
as others take.
But, for some, this
complicated world is
Enter, make gentle waves and
Leave Only A Ripple

by barry

The Main Room
The Canoe Room
The Scene Room
Just Oil Paintings
The Mood Room
The Lake Effect
and there's more !!!

About Me

The music you may be
hearing is, of course,
"Old Folks At Home"
written by
Stephen Foster.

I can paint any scene you see in my gallery
onto your favorite wall. I specialize in private
homes, and I am priced right. A mural will brighten
a wall, make your room look larger, and be the
envy of your friends and relatives.
Click here to see my latest work, in progress. "MuralRoom"

bear fishing

"Before You Steal"
Thanks Vets


This is the "Lobby" of the gallery.
I hope you will look around for a bit,
there is a lot to see!
I paint on canvas, with oil
paint, and graphically,
with CorelDraw, and a mouse.

My artwork is for sale.

This site is family oriented. Any nudity is the artists' appreciation for natural wonders!
Nude Room

Please visit my "Linkroom" for a complete
list of all of the gallery rooms, and links to some of my favorite places to visit.

In the meantime, I have put new magazines in the "Bathroom".

Have a comment, or a request?
E-Mail me.
click on my mug.
Thanks for stoppin'

About this many folks have paddled into here...thanks!
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