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Hi and welcome to Quite Franklin, a site dedicated to the one and only, never lonely, Don Franklin. Don has quite an extensive career in television, and you may recognize him from such projects as The Young Riders, SeaQuest, and presently, Seven Days. This page is always under construction...and I'm on a never-ending quest for contributions(pretty please?). So, without further ado...sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Oh Wait, one more thing. I am not, I repeat, am not, Don Franklin, nor do I have any contact with him. This is a fan page...if you have a problem with anything contained herein, drop me a line. Don't sue me because the only thing I have of value is...um...it appears I have nothing of value. Come on, this is the girl who goes to weddings for the free rice! ;) So, anyway, have fun, will ya?

UPDATE March 26: Screen Captures from Somewhere in Time have been added to the Guest Roles section. Also, a slide show has been given it's own section...Go check it out!!

Sounds more interesting than Biography, doesn't it?
All about Don's stint as Noah Dixon on the ABC series, The Young Riders.
Earth, the 21st century. Mankind has colonized the last...blah blah blah. Learn more about Don's role on NBC drama Seaquest.
Please come and take a gander at the info for Seven Days, Don's current gig.
Don has guest starred in several tv shows, including Moesha and Living Single. Quiere mas informacion? Come and visit.
Yes ladies and gentlemen, I have one full page dedicated to the hardest working booty in show biz!
My mama raised me right! Come here to see all the folks who've helped me with the page thus far. Hey...maybe your name is up here.
I have two addresses for Don Franklin. Keep in mind that I don't know how accurate these are...so waste postage at your own risk!
If you are particularly bored, or just want to know more about the disturbed person behind this page, come on in.
FROM A TO Z: THE ANTHONY ZERBE PAGE--Hey, as long as you're looking for something to do, why don't you go visit my other web page. It hasn't been updated in a year, but if you've never seen it before, then it's new to you, right?
DON MINI-MOVIE--You really need to check out this slideshow Aimee did for me with Don Franklin...guaranteed to bring a smile to your face! TV NOW --To find out where you can catch Don on the tube this month, follow this link!

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This page created on March 14, 2001