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- Mandy`n`Nick :
" THE ONE " : Second Part

“Wow! This bus is huge!!!!” “It may look like it but you’d be surprised how small it feels when all the equipment’s on, and everyone’s stuff is laying around!” “Hey, man! A little help out here!” “Ohh I’m sorry! I forgot you were waiting!” Who is it? I wondered. Nick got up and explained, “I’ll be right back.” He then put his hand on my leg and he ran to open the bus door. Nick just put his hand on my leg!!! I don’t even care who’s out there... Nick touched my leg!!!! Nick jumped off the bus and used those tight, hard muscles of his and helped someone carry some heavy equipment over to the back of the bus. I tried but I just couldn’t manage to tell who was out there with Nick. Their head was covered with a blue hat, which made it tough to see them clearly. Just then the back entrance to the bus swung open. Guitars and pieces of Nick’s drum set were lightly thrown in. The door slammed shut and B-rok hopped onto the bus. He had on navy blue pants, a UK shirt along with a Ky Wildcat hat. I should’ve known it was Brian by all the blue he was wearing! I turned to see what it was Nick had on. He was styling in a pair of khaki shorts and a long-sleeved hawaiian shirt that really brought out the color of his ocean-blue eyes. I wonder why I didn’t notice it earlier... probably because I was too busy trying to stay calm! Oh man! Frick and Frack! 2gether! Here! In front of me! I’ve gotta be dreamin... “Aww! Now I know why you were taking so long! Hi there, umm...” “It’s Mandy,” replied Nick. “How.. how did you know that?” I asked completely stunned. I know I haven’t told him my name! He pointed to my hand. I forgot all about that! On my hand were the words, “Mandy loves Nick”. Gosh! Now he knows I’ve really got it bad for him! Once again blood rushed to my cheeks. “Oh,” I finally managed to blurt out. “Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you Mandy!” “No, really.. the pleasure’s all mine! I can’t believe I’m sitting here on YOUR guys’ tour bus, with YOU two standing in front of me, wearing NICK’S jacket..” “Oh, so you let her wear your jacket, huh, buddie?” Brian questioned and then jokingly, elbowed Nick in the ribs. It was Nick’s turn to turn red. Aw! He looks so adorable! Then out of nowhere a loud HONK went off. We all turned around startled. AJ appeared on the bus. “Hey, Bone! You scared us there for a minute!” “Oh, sorry to scare ya, Nicky... Oh, and who is this lovely lady?” AJ asked, looking up at me. “I’m Mandy..” Boy that sounded corny!! I placed my hand out for a shake. But in return he leaned over, and gave me a kiss on the top of my hand. O-M-G!!!! How am I going to survive all this?!? “Nice to meet you, Mandy.” AJ replied softly, looking me in the eyes. “You better watch it Bone! This girl’s already taken!” “Oh, yeah, B-rok? By whom?” “Me. She’s mine, AJ.” Nick said, looking at me with those cute, but somewhat serious eyes. He didn’t seem to be enjoying all the attention I was getting. Is Nick jealous? “Oh, really. Is that right?” He asked looking at me. He found a bean bag, took a seat and asked, “So how’d you meet this angel, man?” They think I’m an angel! Ok, calm down Mandy~ you’re over exaggerating here; let it go. Nick didn’t have time to respond. The other 2 Boys hopped on the bus along with the driver. Before I knew it the bus was moving, and we were on our way.. to where I did not know. I chatted a little while with Kev and Howie. They too asked similar questions as AJ, and Brian had earlier. 10 minutes later, all the guys were centered on the bus in their bean-bags. Somehow they all ended up being circled around me. Nick and I shared a bean-bag. (There were only 5)~ I didn’t mind one bit! All they were interested in was talking about me. I felt like I was a guest on some kind of talk-show or something answering everyone’s questions! Finally I said, “You know what? I’ve told you guys a lot about me! I wanna know about you!” “Really? Like what?” asked Kevin. “Oh, well....let me see....ummm....which one of you guys’ are single?” I asked outta curiosity, “I can never keep up with who you are dating, or if you’re dating..” Howie replied, “I’m single.” “What about you AJ? Are you still going out with Amanda, or what?” “Amanda? Oh, no. We broke that off awhile ago. Things just weren’t working out.” “Oh, I’m sorry.” There was a pause so I decided to break the silence, “Kev, what about you? You and Kristin still?” “You got it! 8 years and counting!” He established proudly. “Brian?” “Well, right now things aren’t going too well with me and Leighanne. I truthfully don’t know what’s going on with us. So yeah... I mean.. I guess I’m single. You know Mandy, you gals are awfully hard to figure out! You think you could give us some pointers?” “Pointers? Like what?” “ I dunno. Ok! For example.. how come whatever we do it never seems to be good enough?!” “Yeah, I know!” AJ agreed. We ended up talking about relationships and stuff for awhile, when I realized I never got around to asking Nick. “What about you Nick. You single? Or are you going with that Mandah, or Willow, or umm.. whatever her name was... ? ” “No, no. I’m single... what about you? ...Are you with anyone right now?” “Nope!” I saw relief in his eyes. The same I had felt while hearing him say he currently wasn’t with anyone. “I..Well, I haven’t been in a relationship for awhile actually.” “You’re kidding me!” Nick exclaimed shockingly, “Why, I would have thought every guy around would be all over you!” “Not even close!” I snickered, “I don’t know. Whenever I’m in a relationship, it.. it just doesn’t feel right. And I’ve never had the “perfect moment” or anything with the people I’ve been with. Guess I’m just looking for that certain someone.” I smiled at the thought of that someone being Nick. “That certain someone, huh? Yeah- Nick seems to have had that problem in the past. But if you ask me.. I... I think he found her,” replied Brian, taking a quick glance at Nick, then turned back in my direction, and winked. That wink made me wonder what was going on in that mind of Frick. The bus stopped at a rest area. “Well, time to load up on snacks!” AJ screached as he ran off to the snack machine. The rest of the fellas seemed to follow him in a hurry. Leaving me and Nick alone on the empty bus. It was dead silent. I got up and took a look out the window. The sky was so amazing. Nick got up to see what had caught my attention. “Look at that!” I said, “Look at how beautiful the stars are tonight.” “Yeah,” replied Nick; his mind elsewhere. “Nick! You didn’t even look!” “What? Oh sorry. Something even more beautiful caught my eye,” he answered. Oh my gosh! He’s talking about me! We looked into each others eyes for about a minute straight. His eyes sparkled. We started to lean together..... “Hey! Anyone want some snacks?” AJ asked.. once again startling us, and ruining the moment, “I’ve got sodas, sour stuff, chips, twizzlers, sweettarts, twix- you name it!” We scooted apart a little. I looked at Nick and grinned. “Yeah, throw some of that sour stuff over here AJ!” I replied with a giggle. He passed me a bunch of packets of candy and food. “Whoa! Not all at once!” “Oh! Sorry, Mandy.” “It’s ok! Don’t worry bout it. You want any Nick?” “Umm.. no thanks. Umm.. I’ll be right back.” Nick got off the bus and walked over in Brian’s direction. Hmm..I wonder what he’s gonna talk to him about.. “Hey B!” “Nick! What’s up?” “I need to talk to you for a minute.” “Sure man, what about?” “Well, Mandy...” “Ahh.” “What do you think of her Brian?” “To tell you the truth.. I think she’s going to be perfect for you, Nick. I mean you two just seem to click automatically. Buddy, I think she’s “The One” you’ve been waiting for. “Do you mean it?” “Yeah, I do.” “I like her so much Bri, I just don’t know how to tell her. I mean, I know we just met today and all.. but it seems like I’ve known her forever! And she’s so different than anyone I’ve met before. She’s so easy to talk to, and her personality... and man those eyes of hers! They’re to die for...” “You’ve really got it bad, don’t ya?” “How in the world did ya figure that one out B?! I’m just playing, but for real--what should I do? I don’t want to push her away by telling her all this stuff so soon.. and I definitely don’t want to be like one of her past relationships. Should I just lay off for awhile or what?” “That’d probably be the best. Don’t push her Frack. Just take it slow. Get to know her.. and let her get to know you. Be her friend first... then you can take it slowly into a relationship. Just talk to her; and take it slow. And most importantly ~ follow your heart buddy, that’s all I can tell you.” “Brian, do you think...” “She likes you? Is that what you were gonna ask?” “Man, you’re good!” “I know she likes you Nick!” “How can you be so sure?” “Other than the writing on the hand.. and the sharing of the bean- bag; I can tell by the way she looks at you man.” “How can you tell by the way she looks at me?” “Cuz bro.. Leighanne used to look at me that way..” “Oh buddy, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to bring her up.” “Hey it’s not your fault that we’re not together right now! And her name was bound to come up eventually anyways.” “Yeah I know.. I was just kinda hoping I wasn’t gonna be the one to bring it up.” “It’s no biggie..” Brian trailed off. I gave him a questioning look, and he assured me, “Really. It’s not.” “Ok Brian. Well.. thanks for your advice man! I really needed it. Rok to the rescue again!” “Yeah well, we should probably get back to the bus now.” “Good idea!”

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