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  • New Madrid Earthquake---Coastal Inundation---Inland Ocean---Prophecies
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    What Do We Know About The New Madrid Earthquake?
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    Troubled by a dream? Perhaps God has revealed something to you! You can compare it with the things that others have seen and heard, right here.
    (For example: Position your mouse cursor over California on the map, and click to see a page of California Earthquake Prophecies)

    Report From The Tower
    Read About Other Types Of Judgements

    The most current material on this website is almost always my daily radio program. You can find the radio archive for Tribulation Voice Radio at: TRIBULATION VOICE RADIO ARCHIVE


    Updated August 8, 2014


    Please read here for a brief introduction to prophecy in general, and the prophecies concerning asteroids and the great flood in particular:
    Introduction To Prophecies

    You Need To Be A Born Again and Saved Christian Believer To Gain Maximum Benefit From This Site! How can you be Born Again, and Get Saved?

    My 2011 effort to bring experience, revelation and sanity to bear upon an increasingly confused and potentially dangerous area of prophecy. It is interesting that in 2011, prophecies about the approach of planet X, or impacts of comets and asteroids have become intertwined with prophecies about the splitting of the United States and the future creation of a new great lake where the Mississippi River now flows.
    Celestial Confusion-Stephen L. Bening

    You might be wondering what my record for accuracy is. Check it here:
    Prophecy Tracker

    This has now become the gateway page to all of the prophecy information that is available on my website regarding earthquakes in the Central Regions of the United States, around the New Madrid fault area. Everything is now reachable from here.

    Matthew Stephen and Stephen Bening) toured the continental United States on the double judgement tour in November and December, 2008. We called in these judgements, among others, in the name of the Lord: the asteroid tsunamis, the New Madrid Earthquakes, The California Earthquakes and the Washington and Oregon Volcanoes. You can read about it here:
    24 Locations Struck With The Staff On the Double Judgement Tour

    This article is the Timothy Snodgrass New Madrid Prophecy. Check it here:
    Timothy Snodgrass-New Madrid Prophecy

    Bob Jones received this prophecy concerning earthquakes in California, and other events, in 1997.
    Bob Jones-California & New Madrid Earthquake Prophecies

    This article is the Kristine Carson New Madrid Prophecy. From this article, in comparison with other prophecies, one may deduce that there must be more than one major earthquake that will strike the central United States. Check it here:
    Kristine Carson-New Madrid Prophecy

    This article has to do with the name "New Madrid". Check it here:
    New Madrid Name

    I am convinced that the vision Chuck Youngbrandt received early in his ministry was from the Lord. In this vision, he saw a terrible earthquake hit Chicago, and saw many other details, including the emptying out of Lake Michigan. He places this in time just prior to the invasion of the USA.
    Chuck Youngbrandt-Chicago Earthquake/Tidal Wave/Flood

    I wrote this article on this prophecy on May 5, 2003. This concerns a failed prediction that a Pastor Hinson made concerning this earthquake. Check it here:
    New Madrid Quake

    Ann Peterson saw, in a vision, that America split into two land masses, after the impact of the three asteroids. Check it here:
    Ann Peterson-Asteroid-New Madrid

    On January 19, 2004, Joseph Cook of Evansville, IN, received a series of inner visions and words that portray a future earthquake that will strike his hometown. This is an area very near to, and involved with, the New Madrid fault zone. He began to see the visions at about 3 A.M.. (The Lord confirmed to me through the Holy Spirit that this word and these visions are from Him-Stephen L. Bening) Check it here:
    Joseph Cook-Vision-Threes-New Madrid Fault Earthquake

    Susan Cummings received this prophecy in a dream vision/prophetic experience in late November, 2004
    Susan Cummings: New Madrid Earthquake Prophecy

    This prophecy collection was anonymously compiled and last updated in May, 2007. It has real prophecies from God, and it also has some things included that are probably not from God. Discernment is required.

    Furthermore, there is much commentary here, included by the anonymous compiler. Some of it I find palatable, and some of it I judge to be of questionable value. Please be careful.

    The writers included in the work are: Joe Brandt, Diane W., Mercedes Biernaci, Gwen Shaw, Roxanne Brandt & Elane Durham, Chuck Youngbrandt, Judy Govermsal, Gary Rogel, Charles Hagadon, Rick Joyner, Sister Hattie, Ann Soleman, Jim Titus, Maurice Sklar, Joseph Long, Nita Johnson, Violet Stien, David E. Taylor, Jim Hopper, Daniel Rodes, Bob Jones, Joseph Galvan, Dennis Cramer, George W. Bush, Eric Graham, Chuck Hinson, Jan Shumaker, Timothy Snodgrass, Diana Alfonso, John Schiling, Rod Shirk, Louise Rosenburg-Meiszner, Kristine Carson, Chuck Pierce, Joseph Cook, Lowell Miller, Susan Cummings, Mike Tucker, Gail Smith, Dorene Zuege, Daniel E. Bohler, Stephen L. Bening, Ricki Goral, Billy Blankenship, John Mark Pool, Bobby Conner, Michael Boldea Jr., Samuel Whiteside, James Nesbit, Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj, Lillis Boyer, Neville Johnson, Ed Bergman, Gail Ciarrachi, Pat Robertson, Steven L. Shelley, Dolores Karadimos, Nita Johnson
    New Madrid Earthquake Prophecy Collection

    Denise Love had a dream on July 3/4, 2007 about a terrible earthquake in Chicago. She sent it to me the next day, and it reminded me that a number of important prophecies have come out that indicate that earthquakes in the midwest were indicated to begin around 2007 and then, seemingly were delayed for a brief space for reasons that we may speculate as being 1)intercession or 2)mercy. It ties in with other words about terrorist attacks, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions. In sort, it describes the near onset of the whole deadly cocktail of tribulation. When you read all of these May, 2007 words together with her dream, you catch the sense of immediacy that the Lord is trying to communicate to us.
    Stephen L. Bening: This Is Year Of The Storm
    Stephen L. Bening: Launch Codes Authenticated
    Dan Bohler and Chuck Youngbrandt: Catastrophes in 2007 and 2008
    Dan Bohler: Earthquakes in 2007 In St. Louis and Kansas City
    Denise Love: July 3/4 Dream Of Chicago Earthquake

    Note From Stephen L. Bening-It is not unusual for accurate prophets and seers to miss a dated prophecy by a year or even a few years in the church age, when we have so many intercessors who are at work, laboring diligently in fastings and in prayer for delays of these very events.
    I believe Daniel Bohler is a true seer-prophet. It would be very unwise to disregard Dr. Bohler's words. In fact, I have a prophetic hunch that we might see fulfillment of his visions for St. Louis before many more years. Be on your guard! (2011 note-I have left this one on here because there was a delay from the Lord late in 2008/early 2009, for the sake of His modern day Noah's, as they were not yet ready in their preparations. This one will happen at any time now)

    Lindy Pierce of Kentucky has prophesied of this earthquake and believes it will strike Chicago with 9.5 intensity on June 9, 2009. June 9 is Sivan 17 on the Hebrew Calendar, which relates it to the number 17 that was seen in the Chuck Youngbrandt visions of this event in 1973. I cannot confirm the association of the June 9, 2009 date with the earthquake.(2011 note-I have left this one on here because there was a delay from the Lord late in 2008/early 2009, for the sake of His modern day Noah's, as they were not yet ready. It may have pushed this one back as well, or Lindy erred as to timing. This Chicago event is one that will definitely occur. It could happen at any time now.)
    Lindy Pierce: Chicago Earthquake Prophecy

    Matthew Stephen has prophesied many, many times about three big earthquakes that will happen in the heartland of the USA. You can read about them here in a 2008 article:
    Matthew Stephen: 3 Major Heartland Earthquakes Prophecy

    Matthew Stephen and Stephen L. Bening commanded this New Madrid earthquake to come forth at Vicksburg, MS on the Mississippi River. You can watch the youtube video of our work there at this link:
    Matthew Stephen & Stephen L. Bening: Calling In The New Madrid Quake and the Inland Sea

    I have compiled my best guess at a conjectured chronolgy for this event and others, at the link provided below:
    Chonology Of End Time Events And American Judgement

    I have made available to all of you a free membership in the WPA Emergency Alert System. There is a a private list, that will be known only to me and my assistants. Look at the link, pray, and decide if you want to be part of this. You will have to contact me to have your name and number included.
    WPA Emergency Alert System

    Additionally, I prepared this list of suggestions for what a concerned person might do now, upon recognizing that a genuine threat exists, at this link:
    WPA Emergency Prophetic Readiness

    If and when we issue an evacuation alert, you will find it here at this link:
    WPA Emergency Escape Plan

    I have compiled a detailed collection of maps, that includes rail lines, volcanoes, earthquake zones, waterways and other types of detail. Some of these maps are interactive. Because many of these prophecies indicate they will be used by invading forces for mobilization, this information is vital. These are available at this link:
    Specialized Maps

    Also, I have prepared a survival equipment checklist, if you believe you will have to flee, at this link:
    WPA Emergency Escape Preparation List

    So, you don't know what the elevation of the city where you live is? Look here at this link for the elevations of many U.S. Cities, with an exhaustive list included for Georgia:
    Elevations Of Cities

    I have given internet warnings about this event to come, and distributed this information by hand. Finally, I sent a short letter out on April 1, 2003 to thirty seven pastors whom I know personally. You can see that letter at this link:
    First Pastors Letter Concerning Asteroids And The Great Flood

    I have given many warnings. This one is delivered with a great degree of urgency on October 27, 2003:
    Your Resume In Heaven And The Great Flood to Come

    Susan Cummings believes we have just a bit more grace
    Susan Cummings


    God observes anniversaries and festivals. Satan loves to remember them too. God also gives revelation about dates. These are dates in the next three months where I advise special readiness, watchfulness and prayer.
    Calendar Watch (http://www.angelfire.com/fl3/gammadim/wpacalendarwatch.html)

    Stephen L. Bening
    a servant and prophet of our Lord Jesus Christ

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