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Welcome to the Unofficial PotatoeBabies Website. A.k.a. the first potatoebabies fan website!
This website is dedicated to one of the Midwest's funniest and most entertaining bands. If you do not know the Potatoebabies, you need to. Get to know them now before Charles quits the band and makes an ass of himself trying out for American Idol.

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The Official Potatoe Babies Web Site

There once was a visitor to this page who did not sign the Guestbook. His hair all fell out and he suddenly felt the urge to "Drum for God."
Think you want to risk it? SIGN THE DAMN THING NOW!
Or I will make Charles come jump off your balcony, while the little drummer boy plays his greatest hits!

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Feel free to do so.
But do so with a kind feeling in your heart, or CPS may come to your house, knock you down, run up in ya and make ya' not like girls anymore.
Then post a review of your ass on his web site.

PotatoeBabies Archival Picture Page!  potatoe babies pics, and maybe a sheep or two, tooClick Here


The UNOFFICIAL Potatoe Babies (archive) WAV page, (Potatoe Babies wav. files)
A wav. file is a sound file for all of you who are asking for sounds. 

potatoe babies wav files, and maybe a sheep or two, tooClick Here



(unsanctioned, unauthorized, etc, etc)
Potatoe Babies'
Web Site

Are you a true "SPUDHEAD?" if so go to The PotatoeBabies Internet Start (Home) Page...


Q:What is a Potatoe Baby?

A:This is a Potatoe Baby.

(click the pic to enlarge)

Charles Preston Smith, Potatoe Baby

and these are (were) Potatoe Babies Too...
Potatoe Babies Todd (was the Bassist, now Allana (Pamala Anderson with a talent) is, and a fine peace (sic) of ace thank God Todd is gone   Potatoe Babies Rob (Now Rob is back and as fine a peace (sic) of ace as Allana is.
 Todd was a fine P.O.A. too!

Potatoe Babies, and Bob too
No extra charge for the Bob

( Gaaddamn it! Bob wishes to be a fine p.o.a.  some day)"

And here they are today

potatoebabies now, boy that Alanna sure does make me wanna be a bra


 Now keep searching through the archives, endlessly looking for some deeper meaning like that of a Dragonball Z, or perhaps a Britney Spears song.

More GOD %$#&* Potatoe Babies

Well you asked for it and you got it!
PotatoeBabies Merchandise is now available!

To find out what the band is trying to get rid of email them at
Put I need to buy some crap from you, in the subject line.

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Potatoebabies, are Michigan and Indiana and Ohio's and All other Midwest states funniest, most irreverent humorous and adult funny band, and on top of that they play really good music.

Someday, Charles hopes to see people stealing his stuff without paying like we all do to other big name bands. (Well I don't actually I still pay for music.. but the rest of you know who you are.. don't you?)