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The Potatoe Babies' Virtual Photo Album Of band version 1.0 current band is version 2.1 go to to see current pics

To see the bigger version of the picture just click...

The Whole Band Plus Bob in one of the pics. (Can you tell who Bob is?? Can you tell what he is doing in the picture???)Can you believe he wants to be president?

The Band

We the Potatoe Babies, in order to form a more perfect union...I went to the circus and the clown he...Can you spot the sheep?

Charles (without a sheep)

30 seconds before this picture was taken he was naked...thank God for flash delay.Where is my sheep? daphadills on window sills the colors are so random...Can you believe I let this man organize my divorce party?


(who has a sheep in his kick drum)

Played backwards as part of a Band Beautification actalso went to the circushe got a real perty mouth don't he?


(Who rumor has it is a sheep)

mowed the lawn naked once, if you have that pic, I want to post it!

From all of us to all of you.....

This site put on by one of the disturbed following.

Please support the Potatoe Babies by shagging a sheep, or picking your nose in public, or just taking one of your retarded friends to lunch (or the circus if you prefer).
Or if you just want out of here...TRY THIS

Thank you!

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