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This page is dedicated to all of us women whom dearly love the freedom of riding.

Remember its not what, or where on the bike you ride, its the fact that you ride that makes us all bikers.

We have had to return the computer due to the financial stress. And will hold off on getting it back thanks to Some "Ladies" (Cough Cough) on line. Thank You for visiting my site. I apoligize for the simplicity, but as you can tell this site is under construction. Look for alot of changes in the near future. Please come back as often as possible to see this changes, and feel free to sign my guestbook. I highly recommend the links to others pages, because they all have some really cool things for you all. I just ask that you visit all areas of this site you never know what will be on the next page. Not to sound awful, but my ol' man's site is comming along just great. Please visit it. LOL we fight on whos gonna work on ther web site first.

I would also like to Thank My Special Love Bob aka "Harley Bum, or Florida Renegade". He is very important to me in more than one way. Not only is he the first man to ever give me the "Motor Cycle Riding experience" but the first man to support my concerns. I know that together we can make it through anything. There is nothing that can not be accomplished by two who believe in, and love each other. It has come to my attention that several ladies from the web pages feel that he is available. I don't wish to sound trivial, but he is not available. If these folks continue, we will no longer be able to keep our sites going. It's really tacky having to do this, but some women feel that they can do just anything they wish online, because it's online and make believe. Some women feel that it wont hurt, but to me its the same as hitting on your husband in real life. I ask for those to stop, so we can all enjoy this. These sites are for fun, and information, not for messing others lives up. If you feel the need for the later, TAKE A HIKE!!! We all don't need you.

For those of you who have visited my site before I NOW HAVE MY BIKE!!!!!!!! WHOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! She aint worth what I paid, in cash or soul, but she is mine, and I will have her till the DAY I DIE!!!!!!!

This may seem a little unusual, but I would like to thank Harley Bum's X-wife. I want to Thank her for not only one very special man, but for not damaging my bike too badly. One day when her pain is over, I truely hope that she can see what she has done to both him and myself for the past two years.

I want to Thank Babe on HD for her design of my banner, some of these graphics and her support in helping me build this site. If you like these Betty Boop graphics visit my links page to go to Boopland.

This suprise takes awhile to download so please be patient. It is most definately worth the wait!!!

A little suprise for you all if you click here!!!



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