...you must be insane...
...we all are...

Image is everything.
Do you think you know her?
some things you don't need to know.

She is wiccan, which consequently, but not regrettably makes her a witch. She's not evil though.

She loves being a girl ,beautiful things, watching people when they don't know they are being watched, and she has a severe passion for music. Music like PLACEBO, Rachel Stamp, Garbage,Nine Inch Nails *NIN*, JoyDrop, Stabbing Westward, Silverchair, Manson, Orgy, Nirvana, No Doubt, Sneaker Pimps, Bif Naked, Kittie, Ani DiFranco, Bush, Three Doors Down and Tori Amos. She likes the more mellow type of music, depressed anthems of her generation.
She loves individuals as well, individuals like BRIAN MOLKO, David Ryder-Prangley, Shirley Manson, and Anne Rice, and the other beautiful people she's encountered.
She also loves seeing new places. One day she's going to travel the world. She's going to all the places she's never seen, and to some places she just wants to see again. Her list includes most cities with a rich artistic history, or cities famous for their architecture or cemetaries or churches. She wants to visit New Orleans again, this is her favourite american city. She wants to see London, Athens, Florence, Rome, Venice, Cairo, Alexandria, and so many other cities. She wants to see the paintings of Fra Angelico in Florence, the St. Peter's Basilica, she wants to submerge herself in all the history of these cities.
She also loves to write, poems and stories. She is her worst critic, but she loves herself, or at least likes herself. One day she'll live out all of her fantasies.
She loves the occult. She loves alternative religions, but also loves to learn about the history of christianity. She has nothing against christians, they only seem to discriminate against her. She loves vampires. She likes blood, only in the form of foreplay, or her own. She's won't die until she's ready.
She loves the alternative *crowd*. She loves the true goths. She loves nancy boys. She loves glitter, she loves black eye-liner. She loves talking to people on her level. She loves talking to herself. She loves the rain, the thunder, and the lightning. She loves the night. She loves kisses. She loves candles and incents. She loves to love.

But she hates...
She hates some of the new *rapcore* music trends. She dislikes unnessicary arrogance. She hates courtney love because she strongly feels that she killed kurt cobain, and she loves kurt. She hates talking to people who seem ignorant. She hates being alone. She hates panicing. She hates being out of control. She hates some of her scars, inside and out. She doesn't hate much.. for she is a lover and not a hater.

She wants someone to talk to.. someone like her.. someone who she can identify with. She doesn't know many people like her, so goes for those not so much like her, but close enough to keep her entertained, but she always has to have someone to cling to, someone like her, she's never met anyone in the *real world* like her... maybe that's why she is so fond of the internet?

a picture of her

if you want to get to know her...
ICQ number is 23964599
her yahoo alias is xJust_Another_Nancy_Girlx. Her e-mail is Pixie@despair.co.uk.

Noticing a nancy girl trend? Its a reference to a song from placebo called Nancy Boy.

Home agian..?