everytime i look in those eyes,
i want to scream,
but i don't.

everytime i hear that voice,
i want to choke.
but i stop.

everytime i feel that touch,
i want to slide away,
but i stay.

everytime i'm near you
i want to die,
but you won't let me.
i want to run and hide,
but you hold me back.
i need to get away,
coz i can't be yours anymore.

i can't take that smile,
i can't take those lips.

i need to run away.

i don't want that kiss,
i don't want that tounge.

i need to run away.

i won't let you thrill me,
i won't let you hurt me.

i need to run away.

and i'll silently hope
that i won't die within
when you're gone.