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An Rince Gaelach Webring

An Irish Dance Webring

Welcome to An Rince Gaelach Webring! This Webring is
a webring dedicated to Irish Dancers and their
pages. On this page you can learn more about the
webring and join the webring.

What exactly is a webring?

A webring is a way to group sites of similar interest
together in a "Ring." Links on each page allow you
to move from one site to the next, eventually
traveling the entire Ring to end up where you started.

How do the links on a typical WebRing site work?

The links on each site are created from the
"HTMLfragment" (HTML code that is added to the
site). They provide a means for the WebRing
database to know what site the user is coming
from, and where they want to go.(i.e., next site,
prev site, etc....)

What's the difference between
the "Ring" and "Queue"?

The Queue is the place where ALL sites go first, to
receive a site ID and to be entered into the Ring
database. The Ring is where approved sites are

Who decides what sites get into the Ring?

The sole responsibility for adding Rings resides with
the RingMaster.

The Requirements for Joining An Rince Gaelach

1. Your page must be related to Irish Dance

2. Your site is well maintained (most of the links
work, its updated as needed etc...)

3. It is presentable (set up in a nice manner, is easy
to understand and easy to find your way through it)

4. Before your page is completely included into the
webring you must have the proper html code on your

5. This images are saved onto your site and not linked
from here

6. There is no pornagraphy, violence, vulgar language
or anything of major offense on your site

Submit your site to the Queue

Site Title:
Site URL:

Please choose a password. (Don't forget it!!)
Keywords: Enter up to 20 keywords to describe your site.
Description: Enter a short description of your site.

Ok so now that I have submitted
my site to the queue what do I do?

1. First I will review your site and determine whether
or not it should be placed on the An Rince Gaelach webring.

2. If I decide your page is a good page for this
webring I will send you the three codes you must pick
one to place on your page.

3. You must place the fragment on your page and download
the logo to your page. And
customize certain specified areas on it. (Where
ever there is red font customize what is specifies) (If you need help on this one feel free to e-mail me)

4. After you have correctly placed the logo and html
fragment on to your page you will need to email me with
you name, site ID#, and URL telling me you have done so.

5. I will come view your site and make sure your html
fragment is in order.

6. If you need to fix anything I will e-mail
you and tell you to fix them and you will do so.

7. If everything is in order I will add you to
the ring.

The HTML fragments can be viewed on the Code Page

The Sites in An Rince Gaelach Webring

A List of All of the Sites

A Random Site From An Rince Gaelach

An Rince Gaelach Members Login

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Last Updated 10/15/99