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An Rince Gaelach Webring

An Irish Dance Webring

The HTML Code Page

On this page there are three ways to display An
Rince Gaelach's html code on your page.
Note: This is only a preview page.
After I have visited your site to make sure it is
fine to have in the ring. I will send you the
html code for each of these and then you can place
one of them on your page. After you have done
this e-mail me and I will come and visit your page
again to make sure wverything is in order. And
then if everything is ok I will add you to the
ring. I can be e-mailed at or
at -Emily

Code #1

An Rince Gaeloch Webring

This An Rince Gaelach Webring site is owned by #name.
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Code #2

An Rince Gaelach Webring
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Code #3

An Rince Gaelach Webring This
An Rince Gaelach
site is owned by

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An Rince Gaelach Webring?

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