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An Rince Gaelach Webring

An Irish Dance Webring

Code #2

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An Rince Logo

On this page there is #2 An
Rince Gaelach's html code to display on your page. You must copy
the code. Then customize it where specified and
then add it to your page
(where ever the words are red). E-mail me telling me
you have done so (don't forget to give me your
name, Site ID #, and the URL or your page. Please
don't give anyone else the URL for this page.
Only after your site has been approved can you
copy the html to your page.

Code #3

<!--------------------------------- Begin #3 An Rince Gaelach RING ----------------------------------->
<center> <Table background="anrincebackground.gif" border=7 cellspacing=3 cellpadding=3><tr>
<td cellpadding=0 align=center>
<a href="" target="_top" onMouseOver="window.status='Click here to go to the An Rince Gaelach Home'; return true">
<IMG SRC="#anrincelogo" alt="An Rince Gaelach Webring" border=0 width=100 height=130></A>
</td> <td rowspan=2 align="center">
<font face="arial" size="2">This <br>
<A HREF="" target="_top"><b>An Rince Gaelach</b>
</A> <br> site is owned by <br> <A HREF="#email">#name
</A><p>Join the<br>
<A HREF="" target="_top">An Rince Gaelach Webring
<tr> <td align="center"><font face="Arial" size="2">[
<A HREF="" target="_top">Previous</A>]
[<A HREF="
#id&next" target="_top">Next</A>]
[<A HREF=""
target="_top">Random</a>] [<A HREF=""
target="_top">List Sites</A>] </td>
<!----------------------- END RING -------------------------------------->

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