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Jen's Archive

Some of these (generally the ones with fully developed plots and stuff like that)were things I turned in for creative writing class. All the rest is just random stuff I wrote.

Seeing as I've recently started adding large amounts of photography up here... it's no longer just writing.

Random Tree Story

Random Alien Story

Random Mystery Story

Random Weird Story

Random Triple Story

Random Strange Story

Random Tree Story #2

Random Photo Story

Random Ghost(?) Story

A Longish Story That Gives Me the Creeps

A story that you can tell easily what it's influenced by... but may not be over. I think it is, but I'm not sure.

**NEW** A dream i had and wrote up last school year and finally found my copy of

Random Poem #1

Random Poem #2

Random Poem #3

Random Poem #4 (aka My Life Through a Fast Food Restaurant)


The Story Co-Written by Me, Kari, and Anna Several Years Ago

My Really Extremely Way Too Long Story

Not Quite Sure What This Is, But Here It Is Anyway

At tonight's concert.

This isn't actually a story, it's photos of the sun setting outside my dorm
And this isn't actually a story either, it's photos of Landis Green at night

Sunset as seen OUTSIDE my dorm, not through windows/screens!
Interesting and/or strange statues and signs from around campus.
Tentatively termed "Nature vs. Technology", you'll see why

MORE of the incredible statues and signs.
Pictures from the infamous Wednesday Flea Market.

Stuff taken along Tennessee Street.
Various other pictures taken today.

Yet more Statues... There aren't too many more out there I promise!
Semi-random foliage, buildings and stuff

**NEW** Other Art:
Photoshopped stuff
People drawings

You must really hate yourself. You're cynical and self-loathing, the epitome of the Prozac poster child. No guy in his right mind would touch you with a ten foot pole. You've had some odd adventures in your day and hopefully, in the future one of your strange journeys will lead you to a tiny shred of happiness...or atleast a good shrink. Poopy train.
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