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Febuary '99

[ 2/13/99 ]
Hiya All! Sorry i have not written in so long. I thought i had deleted this page on accident, But I didn't :) not much has happened in my life. I saw Celine Dion in cocnert I had a gf alittle while in the summer. Not for too long tho. I dropped out of school, But i am working. Was working as a day care teacher. Now as a tempoary teacher's aid in a Pre-K class. I love it I would like to go to college and be a pre-k teacher:)
My list:
School:I quit hehe I am working tho. No one at my work knows i am a lesbian. Well except one i only work with her for 30 mins tho. She is cool about it:)
Friends:What friends? hehe only friends i have are on iRC:) After i came out at school i lost all of my friends. It sucked big time. Mike still calls me maybe once a week. But he isnt really to much of a friend.
Family:Still havent come out to anyone else... My dad almost died. So i just want to wait.:)