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Justuff Services (JS) is a Public Action and Community Service Organization performing volunteer service for humanity. Through education and service; the more people know, the better they feel.

JS has over 30 years practical experience in all aspects of emergency management, disaster recovery, business continuity, construction/renovation practices, safety, and security. We also have a strong background in supply chain, food service, and hospitality practices which serves us well when we take on Logistical Roles in support of efforts. 
We understand rules and regulations working well with any Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), as defined, for a good outcome to all projects we undertake.
JS is an American Company with international experience and exposure. Our international work has taken us to the Caribbean, Philippines, and Central America. In the United States we operate anywhere we might find a need. We perform our volunteer outreach through organizations such as, but not limited to, Samaritans Purse, Helping Hands, United Way, Habitat for Humanity, Baptist Health South Florida, Myles of Hope and Camillus House.

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