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Crazy Dave's Naval Career


As an official visitor, you have been "piped over the side". The Officer of the Deck kindly requests you turn towards the fantail and pay respects to the National Ensign prior to entering the Quarterdeck.

All Chief Petty Officers and Senior NCOs are "highly encouraged" to report to the Chief's Mess, sit a spell, have a cup of coffee, bid greetings to the Mess and swap "Sea Stories"("Battle Tales" for the NCOs)!!!.


Well, you all asked for it. Here is a listing of my illustrious (or not so illustrious) Naval career!!!


NTC Great Lakes,Il. "SNIPE'S CASTLE": May you rest in peace.
Your halls have seen countless engineers pass through and reside in you.
With your passing, so has a part of naval history.
Fair thee well.
(My Time at the "Castle": 11th Batt.,Co.113 July-Nov. 1988)

My Commands:

  • 1986-1988 USS Orion (AS-18)
  • 1988-1991 USS Sunbird (ASR-15)
  • 1991-1994 Aegis Training Center/NSWCDD
  • 1994-1998 USS John Hancock (DD-981)
  • 1998-2000 Helicopter Landing Trainer (IX-514)
  • 2000-2003 Aegis Training and Readiness Center/NSWCDD
  • 2003-???? USS Enterprise (CVN-65)

My Military Schooling:

  • 1986-RTC Great Lakes,Il. "Boot Camp"
  • 1986-RTC Great Lakes,Il. "Fireman Apprenticeship School"
  • 1986-Norfolk Naval Base, Norfolk, Va. "Overseas Homeport School"
  • 1986-Norfolk Naval Base, Norfolk, Va. "Advanced Damage Control School"
  • 1986-Norfolk Naval Base, Norfolk, Va. "Advanced Chemical, Biological and Radiological Warfare Damage Control School"
  • 1987-La Maddalena, It. "Electric Motor Rewind School"
  • 1987-La Maddalena, It. "Electrical Controls Repair School"
  • 1988-La Maddalena, It. "Radiological/Nucleonic Measurement and Containment School"
  • 1988-NTC Great Lakes, Il. "Electricians Mate "A" School"
  • 1994-NSWCDD Dahlgren, Va. "Total Quality Leadership/Total Quality Management(TQL/TQM)Implementation/Facilitator School"
  • 1994-Engineering Training Command, Norfolk, Va. "A/W42U-1 LAMPS Mk.3 RAST Severe Weather Helicopter Recovery Systems Technician School"
  • 1994-Engineering Training Command, Norfolk, Va. "LAMPS Mk.3HRS (Artificial Horizon Reference System) School"
  • 1994-Little Creek Amphib. Base, Norfolk, Va. "Naval Leadership Development Program School"
  • 1998-NAS Pensacola, Fl. "Flight Deck Airframe Crash and Salvage Damage Control School"
  • 1999-NAS Pensacola, Fl. "The NEW Naval Leadership Development Program School"
  • 2000-Naval Station Norfolk, Va. "Material Maintence Management Co-ordnator School"

USS Orion (AS-18): La Maddalena,Sardenia,Italy

photo courtesy of:"TenderTales Submarine Tender Web Site"

Assigned to Repair Department, R-3 Division, Shop 51-A "Electric Motor Rewind Shop" and Shop 92-A "Sound Analysis/Noise-Vibration Reduction Shop"

Repaired and maintained electrical systems onboard U.S. and NATO Fleet Fast Attack Hunter/Killer Submarines and various U.S. 6th Fleet and NATO surface units.

Places visited:

  • Athens/Glyfada, Greece
  • Naples, Italy
  • Rome, Italy
  • Villafrance, France
  • Toulon, France
  • Palma De Majorca, Spain
  • Malaga, Spain
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Nice, France
  • Catania, Italy


  • Athens,Greece!!! My first liberty port vist in the navy!!! WHAT A BLAST!!!
  • The first time I went to sea on a submarine. Such a weird feeling.
  • Advancement to Electricans Mate Petty Officer Third Class
  • The first time I drank a shot of Grappa (tasted like diesel fuel! YUK!!!!)

USS Sunbird (ASR-15): Naval Submarine Base,New London,Conn.

Assigned to Engineering Department, E Division, "Electric Shop"

Repaired and maintained various AC/DC electrical systems onboard a 40+ year old Submarine Salvage and Rescue Vessel.

Places visited:

  • Haifa, Israel
  • Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Rota, Spain
  • La Maddalena, Sardenia, Italy
  • Naples, Italy
  • Jerusalem, Israel
  • Izmir, Turkey
  • Agusta Bay, Italy
  • Gaeta, Italy
  • Cartagena, Spain
  • Philipsburg,St. Maarten, W.I.
  • Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Key West, Fl.
  • Norfolk, Va.
  • Pensacola,Fl.
  • Mayport, Fl.
  • Savannah, Ga.
  • Charlston, S.C.


  • Too many 4 Point Salvage Moors to remember!
  • Advancement to Electricans Mate Second Class
  • Qualifying Surface Warfare Specialist (SW)
  • Participating in Operation Desert Shield
  • Visit to Jerusalem,Israel
  • At sea collision with USS Concord (AFS-5)

To Learn More About USS Sunbird (ASR-15)
To Learn More About Submarine Salvage Operations

Aegis Training Center: Naval Surface Warfare Center(Dahlgren Division),Dahlgren,Va.

photo courtesy of:"Aegis Training Readiness Center Web Site"

Assigned to N-4 Department "Facilities Maintence", N-41 Division "Non-Tactical Maintence (1st Lt. Office)"

Supervisor in charge of repairs and maintenance of electrical distribution systems and electrical buss switchgear throughout a 174,000 sq.ft. complex.

Team Leader, NSWC Dahlgren ASF Base Security Force, Team "A".

At my "Brother" Troy's House in Colonial Beach, Va, getting dressed for Security Duty .

Places visited:

  • "I think I visited somewhere while I was there!!!"

  • Place where I first met my "bestest" friend in the whole wide world!!! :-)
  • Advancement to Electricans Mate First Class
  • Qualifying for the All Navy Rifle and Pistol Team
  • Attending the USS Sunbird Decommissioning Ceremony
  • The 15 hour Jimmy Buffett concert tailgate party with Jimmy,Tony,Scott,Deb,Troy,Wendy and a whole bunch of "I can't recalls" at Merriweather Post Pavilion!

USS John Hancock (DD-981): Mayport Naval Station,Mayport,Fl.

Assigned to Engineering Department, Electrical Division, "Electric Shop"

Leading Petty Officer of E Division: Responsible for the supervision and training of 6 junior personnel. Responsible for the maintence and repairs of basically anything with wires either going into or coming out of it!!!!

Leading Technician responsible for the upkeep and constant repair of all LAMPS Mk.3 helicopter flight deck electrical systems including landing light systems, RAST system, Artificial Horizon Projector, Stabilized Glide Slope Indicator System, Airframe External Power Supplies, Airframe External Electrical Starting Supplies.

Places visited:

  • Norfolk, Va.
  • Boston, Ma.
  • Charlston, S.C.
  • Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.
  • Port Everglades/Port Canaveral, Fl.
  • Freeport, Bahamas
  • Cartagena, Columbia
  • Benidorm, Spain
  • Tunis, Tunisia
  • Ibiza, Spain
  • Corfu, Greece
  • Varna, Bulgaria
  • St. Raphael, France
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Rosy Roads Naval Station, P.R.
  • Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
  • Civitavecchia, Italy
  • ???????, Bermuda (wuz there but it is all a blur. Ha,Ha,Ha !!!!)
  • ???????, Barbados (another blurry trip. Oh well, it must have been good!)

Me and one of the hardest working, most dedicated Electricians I've had the privilege to work with or lead ever:
EM3 Rick Hall from Grand Abaco Island, Bahamas.
This was right before the the start of the Navy's "Era of Pacification" as I call it.
You'll never see uniforms, hair or attitudes like that ever again.


  • Selection as Sailor of the Year
  • Qualifying as 963 Platform Engineering Officer of the Watch (EOOW)
  • One of the worst mis-managed and cost over-run shipyard overhauls in naval history,attempted by Ne*p*rt N*ws Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co.!
    Special THANX to Mr. Barger the civilian rigging foreman... If it wasn't for him, we might never have gotten anything done!!!!
  • Watching the USS Sunbird being towed out to sea for disposal as we were being towed out of the shipyard to Norfolk Naval Base for overhaul completion. Poetic justice I guess.

Helicopter Landing Trainer (IX-514): Pensacola Naval Air Station,Pensacola,Fl.

photo courtesy of:"GOSPORT Newspaper Web Site"

Assigned as Assistant Officer in Charge

AOIC in charge of vessel operations. Responsible for the overall administration, safety and operation of IX-514 .

Places visited:

  • "NO port visits except for hurricane evasions."

  • mooring in a mangrove swamp to ride out a hurricane. QUOTE: "Never get out of the boat!"
  • Emergant shipyard overhaul in Bayou La Batre, (pronounced: "BUY-OLA-BOT-TREY") Alabama (where "Forrest Gump" was filmed)
  • Qualifing "Navy Craftmaster"
  • Being advanced to the rank of Chief Petty Officer!
  • Being able to have the two most special women in my life "Pin my Anchors" (collar devices) on my CPO uniform Sept. 16th 1999....My Mom and Pamela!
  • Boating around in "The Bayou Assault Vessel" :-)
Some of my favorite quotes... Thank you to OIC Lt. James A. Moretz for these. I'll remember these forever "Jimbo"! I'd serve under you anytime, anywhere again.
  • "Don't pee on my shoes and tell me it's raining!"
  • "I'm from Missouri...SHOW ME!"
  • "Ole' Stump Blower Beer...."
  • "Hoogie Hoogie Sauce"
  • "HOOTERS? Ya'll just trying to get me in trouble ain't ya!"
  • "EMC...not that I'm complaining but just what side of that bouy do you want? and by the way,just where are we?"
  • "Bubba,this is the BADDEST shrimp boat ya'all ever seen!"
  • "Now THATS an oyster!"
  • "I know that I'm hungover but is'nt our drydock just listing a little TOO far to one side?"

    Me as a Chief Petty Officer....Scary ain't it???

    Aegis Training Readiness Center: NSWC Dahlgren Division,Dahlgren,Va.

    photo courtesy of:"Aegis Training Readiness Center Web Site"

    Assigned to N-4 Department, N-44C Division "Tactical Configuration Management"

    Material Maintenance Management Coordinator (3-MC), Tactical Equipment Configuration Manager- Aegis Weapons System Baseline 5.7.3, 6.1, 6.3, 7.1 and "Other". Lockheed Martin Aegis Tactical Configuration Contract Review Manager.

    Places visited:

    • "Nowhere special"

    • Rolling Thunder
    • Too many Washington Capitals NHL hockey games to count.
    • Meeting Steve Konowalchuk, my favorite hockey player
    • My 1986 Ford Bronco II "Hooptie"
    • Wrecking Stagger Lee

    2003- May 2006
    USS Enterprise (CVN-65): Naval Station Norfolk, Norfolk, Va.

    photo courtesy of:"USS Enterprise(CVN-65) Official U.S. Navy Website"

    Assigned to Engineering Department, E-4 Division Leading Chief Petty Officer (LCPO) and E-5 Division LCPO: "Flight Deck Lighting Shop", "Aviation and Ordnance Shop", "Outside Electrical Shop", "Electrical Safety Shop" and "Electrical Division Damage Control Maintenance Shop".

    Responsible for the mentoring, training, safety and well being of 58 junior sailors, spanning 2 Electrical Divisions. Also responsible for the overall performance and readiness of Electrical equipment spanning a 4.5 acre flight deck, all 115 volt a.c. power equipment shipwide, and the electrical safety of over 5,000 personnel.

    Places visited:

    • Jebal Ali/Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
    • Naples, Italy
    • Cartagena, Spain
    • Bahrain
    • Portsmouth, England
    • Port Everglades (Ft. Lauderdale), FL.


    • Good memories? There aren't any, just pure pain....
    • Two words: MICRO MANAGEMENT
    • Nuclear Power sucks! Long Live Conventional Engineers
    • Nothing else to say really about Mobile Chernobyle really.

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