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My Life Story

The story of me... It all happened that fateful day. I was out fighting the yeerks, as usual and I guess I forgot about the time limit. "NOOOO" I screamed when I figured out I couldn't morph. Despair swept through me. I looked towards my family my home. How would they cope with it I thought. Then I just flew away, away into the open prairies knowing my life has changed. I wouldn't be much use not able to fight. I spend each day hunting.... Hunting and sinking my claws deep into warm flesh. Hope was gone and I spent long days hiding myself just hiding. In my mind ran through every thought. I was invisible, unable to have the real kind of fun... What have I done! I thought. The long days past the wind blew and grew cold against my head. Days ran by, memories I almost would have killed for. "Where has my self gone!" I screamed to no one. I was just a little hanched over poor sad hawk. I was flying one day and landed on a particular branch. I looked down to see, see the world for once as it really is...I saw a particular baby hawk, Awwww how cute I said to myself. "TSSSSSSERRRRR" I voice screamed behind me. A smaller hawk swooped forward and hit me. I flew away and then I realized what I was, why was I doing this? Then it hit me, not a hawk but the truth, yes the truth is out there. I gained control and I was ready to fight. Here I go I thought, a new life.

Things were bright again YES! I thought. I would need the power to morph back. There was only one way...Fight Visser 5 for it. I flew around a bit thinking up a plan... I knew the visser had it but how would I get it? My mind was blank. Suddenly it dawned on me... YES I got it! That evening I went alone to the place where the visser was. "Oh, VISSER!" I called. "What was that?" the visser sneered. "Well, go to it you fools!" Five of the vissers hench men went to the window. They causiously peered their small skinny heads out."Scrutchok sssseerak" one said. It paced impatiently its webbed feet. "AHA thought you could defeat me?" I said. I turned my voice long and mysterious. "AHHHHHHHH" The five hench men ran inside. "WHAT IS IT" roared the visser. "T...The elimist! They all cried. "Give me the Escafil device NOW!" I said. Ha ha they said and then everything fell black.

"W...Where am I" I said weekly. I looked around. The visser stood above me. "So, andalite thought you could hide from me eh?". Oh, no I thought not me! Before I could move the dracon beam flew then I thought my life was over..."Raptoria, Raptoria," I heard calling above me. "Wha, not again!" I groaned. "Why didn't you tell me you wanted the morphing power back!" my freind excalimed and there in her hands was the escafil device. "H...How did you find me?" I asked. "I was passing by and I saw you lying on the window sill and I flew over!" "It was horrible I tell you!" "I was in a giant battle and then I somehow managed to escape with you!"

From then on I could morph and together me my friends and the animorphs battled all the vissers well thats another story.

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