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White-Tailed Hawk: Click to Hear

{click the hawk} Hi,and glad you could make it. This is the new page of the old page Raptoria's Animorphs...not much has changed except for the lay-out. I am a nothlit White-tailed Hawk trapped in morph with the morphing ability. Yeerks are my worst enemy, they have taken my family from me and my friends as well......Do you believe in the invasion? Even if you don't..I must warn you, its here. Click on the links to find more info on Animorphs.

**RECENT UPDATE** Redirection to my newest site, Legend of the Ducks! Please, come this way

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My ICQ number is 19004781, My Yahoo pager is Raptoria98, my AOL name is Skyshrike and Raptoria7. Feel free to contact me.

1999 Of Raptoria, all images I created (dragons, raptors etc). Please do not use these on your page without permission(That means E-mail me if you want to! :D)