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Rules & Requirements

Welcome to the "M.E.N Guild Page!"

Welcome to the M.E.N Guild homepage for the Online Game Everquest Online Adventures on Playstation 2. We are on the Hodstock server. Feel free to check us out as we grow!

Guild Charter

  • Unity through Strength and Honor

Requirements to Join

  • Group with Officer or higher rank & Impress them
  • Be Level 15+
  • Personal Friend of a Officer or Higher Rank
  • Have Another character already in guild

Guild Rules

  • Treat All members with Respect
  • Guild comes first!
  • Try to group with guild members
  • Must Attend Guild Meetings

Guild Promotions

  • Members-Must be LVL 15+
  • Officers-Must be LVL 25+ and in guild for at least a week.
  • Elders-Must be LVL 35+ and in guild for at least a month.
  • Masters-Must be LVL 45+ and in guild for at least 3 monthes.
  • PLEASE NOTE: That members that have been promoted already, even thought they dont meet requirements, will still be able to hold position, as long as they are active. This Policy will be in place starting 4/10/03

Please Check out the Forum and Sign the Guestbook, if you are in the guild!