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Welcome to the "M.E.N Guild Page!"

Hello all,

I hope everyone is doing well and lvling up. I have some news to bring to you. Well, first the member part of the website, will no longer list lvl, for it changes too many for me to update all the time...the list will be updated will current list of members, their race, class, and rank in guild.

Second, Let the PLing begin. I know one of the concerns about the guild is the lack of PLing, well we are going to do more of it. I already started a bit. This is mainly going to occur when we have some guild mates hit lvl 50. When a guild mate hits 50, he or she will be PLing the most active in the guild first, then people that have been in guild the longest. We will work are way down and help everyone get to 50.

Third, we will be working on getting some raids together, but we have some of the main members, trying to get to 50 so they can PL raids are on hold for right now. But this will not be for long. Also, we need to pick out a good location for raid, that everyone can get to, and has some good drops as rewards for raid.

Fourth, A copy of this letter will be on website, and I will be making some changes in site. So check it out.

Fifth, The guild member of the week, will now be changed to guild member of the month...this servers as more as a reward and I will give 10k tunar to each guild member of the month. And I dont really want to do it each week, because most people dont even know they got it.

Sixth, I am looking for a webmaster out there that is in guild to help me maintain the website, for me with college, work and game dont have that much time to update, so any help will be great! If you know how to create websites with HTML, please tell me.

Well thats it for now! Good luck everyone and Happy gaming!

Your Guild Leader
M.E.N Guild

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