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December 16, 1984: Winning Record, Losing Season

- - - - - In 1996, Arizona's' sweep of Washington cost the Redskins a playoff spot, and possibly even the division title. In recent years, the Cardinals seem to always get the better of this rival. Yet, many fans remember that this was not always the case. During the 1980s, the Cards won only three of their twenty meetings. None hurt more than the 1984 season finale.
- - - - - St. Louis was coming off two straight winning seasons (5-4 and 8-7-1) and was seeking improvement in 1984. However, the season began in disappointment with a 24-23 loss at Green Bay. The team soon got back on track on the superb passing of Neil Lomax. WR Roy Green now concentrated solely on the offensive side of the ball, leaving behind his DB position to set a team record of 1,555 receiving yards. On the ground, the team was lead by the running of Ottis Anderson and Stump Mitchell. These players made up one of the league's most explosive offenses and scored thirty or more points seven times. The number would have been eight had the events on the final Sunday of the regular season had taken a slightly different turn.
- - - - - With one week to play, Washington led the NFC East at 10-5. Breathing down their backs were the Giants, Cardinals, and Cowboys, all tied at 9-6. Thus, with the division-title at stake, the Redskins hosted the rematch versus St. Louis. The Cards had taken the first contest, a tightly fought 26-24 decision, earlier in the season. Thus a win at RFK Stadium would have given St. Louis the season-sweep and hence the tie-breaker advantage and the NFC East title (the team would also have held tie-breaker advantage over New York and Dallas). A loss would mean elimination.
- - - - - This battle would be prove to be just as competitive as the earlier meeting, but the situation would be reversed. This time it was Washington who held the slim 2-point lead, 29-27, late in the fourth period. Amid the swirling December winds, the Cardinals frantically tried to put together one final drive. Then, as the final seconds were ticking away, St. Louis managed to creep into field goal range. Unable to stop the clock, the kicking unit was raced onto the field. Kicker Neil O'Donoghue had earlier tied the team record for most points in a season with 117, but on this final, hurried attempt, luck would side with Washington. The kick sailed wide as time expired.
- - - - - Neil Lomax's 468-yard performance set a new Cardinals' record for most passing yards in a game, but this feat was rendered virtually meaningless as St. Louis once again failed to qualify for the post-season. This record would stand for nearly twelve years before being broken on the exact same field, where Boomer Esiason would rip the 'Skins for 512 yards and a 37-34 overtime victory. Despite the disappointing end to the 1984 season, this would be the last time until 1998 that the Cards could call themselves winners.

NEXT : November 8, 1987 - Down 28-3 in the fourth quarter to the visiting Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Cards charge back to complete one of the NFL's biggest comebacks. Also, earlier in the season, St. Louis pulls out another great finish against Dallas.

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