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Spruce Creek HS Colorguard

April 26, 2000
Hello all!! Welcome to Spruce Creek HS Colorguard's Web Page. Our guard is one of the best in the nation. We are all about pride, class and dignity. We participate in both the marching season and winterguard season at our school. Oh yeah...our band's pretty good, too. :)

Well, both this year's marching and winter seasons are over, and now we are preparing for next year's fabulous season. Auditions will be held the week of May 8-12. They will be from 3-5 for High school students, and 4-6 for Middle school students. When I get more information, I will post it!

I should tell you that I am very new at this, so any suggestions for this site would be greatly appreciated!!!THIS PAGE IS CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Tiffany Hatfield

Picture page!! There are pics here
of some band and colorguard members. When I get more I'll post em. These are rather old, and were not taken by me (obviously, since I just took over this page) When I get my film developed, I will put some pics from Premiere and of people all dressed up at Band Banquet and Prom (I am very bad about turning in film though, so it will probably be a while!)
Announcements!! Do you need to know what's going on? Did ya forget what you need? Check here.
Here's a page about our directors and our officers.
Our guard suffered a tremendous loss of a very special guard member. This is a tribute to Courtney... Here is a page is dedicated to her.
Our lovely guest book
To view it, click here, but you better write something first!! | Sign me, baby!!

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