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July 5 Thursday (day 1) episode 1
  • Run for the beds
  • 12 in the car food competition won by the group effort.
  • Last in the car won by Kent.
  • Audience finds out Bunky is married to a man.
  • The head of household honor was awarded to Mike.
  • Mike must nominate 2 people for eviction.

July 7 Saturday (day 3) episode 2
  • The "dirty dozen" find the keys in the swimming pool.
  • Nicole turns out to be the most obnoxious of group.
  • Bunky is scared to tell about his problem but confides in Autumn and Monica.
  • Kent's snoring is driving room mates crazy.
  • Nicole & Sheryl nominated for eviction.

July 10 Tuesday (day 6) episode 3
  • Big Brother house home movie is made by the guests.
  • After Justin is caught on camera stealing Kent's pillow, he wants Kent to put up his fists and "fight like a man" for accusing him of it.
  • Krista goes topless in the hot tub.
  • Will and Shannon begin a romance.
  • House guests spell out the letters "f-i-l-e-t" with their bodies to be rewarded with steak dinners with all the trimmings.

July 12 Thursday (day 8) episode 4
  • Justin is removed from house for being a juvenile delinquent and announces to the audience that anyone is an idiot if they think he should have been removed (see challenges for details).
  • In a surprising move Sheryl is kicked out of the house instead of Nicole by a vote of 5 to 3.
  • Live streaming video feeds caught Justin, Krista & Shannon in a sandwich style makeout session that prompted Big Brother to stop the cameras for 10 minutes because it got so hot. During the scene Krista is seen feeling Shannon's breasts (and spectator Bunky asking her if she is gay).

July 14 Saturday (day 10) episode 5
  • Krista wins head of household
  • Shannon and Autumn call house meeting to settle their quarrel.
  • Hardy swears to stop the brat pack from gaining any momentum.
  • Everyone suggests Will for nomination when asked by Krista.
  • Nicole vows to get Mike evicted as soon as possible.
  • Krista nominates Autumn and Kent for eviction.

July 17 Tuesday (day 13) episode 6
  • Water shy Nicole goes for a pool dip and a hot tub plunge.
  • Kent turns down house guests suggestion to concede.
  • Shannon wins mechanical bull riding competition.
  • Krista picks birthday boy Mike to join her birthday gourmet dinner she won from a special audience poll.
  • Nicole tells Kent that she is going to infiltrate chilltown and get behind the enemy lines.
  • Nobody even mentions the juvenile delinquents' name (Justin) anymore.

July 19 Thursday (day 15) episode 7
  • Autumn gets evicted with 7-0 vote.
  • Hardy wins head of household.
  • Shannon's back home boyfriend tells us how he feels about 165lb Will.
  • Krista reveals the secret untouchables group (Monica, Hardy & Krista).
  • Kent hugs lots of people after ducking the banishment bullet.
  • Mike, Will & Shannon continue to hold an air tight alliance with each other.

July 21 Saturday (day 17) episode 8
  • Hardy nominates Will & Shannon.
  • Shannon shows a very vindictive side to her and called Hardy's nomination of her as "the most cowardly thing she had ever seen".
  • Mike turns down Hardy's immunity from nomination after consulting chilltown.
  • Kent becomes closer friends with Bunky.
  • Will swears that he will get revenge on Hardy for the nomination.
  • The audience is asked if a pull up bar, massage chair or a toaster should be added to the Big Brother house.

July 24 Tuesday (day 20) episode 9
  • Bunky wins the toaster from the television call-in poll.
  • Shannon scrubs the toilet with Hardy's toothbrush.
  • Shannon continues to call Hardy a coward to his face.
  • The "top" team is introduced as Bunky, Kent, Hardy, Monica and Nicole. (TOP stands for "the other people")
  • Tempers flare as people are getting on each others nerves.
  • Will thinks about voluntarily bailing out of the house but Shannon tells him he can do more damage if he stays in the house.

July 26 Thursday (day 22) episode 10
  • Shannon gets 6-0 vote to leave the house.
  • Hardy seeks self satisfaction as he tries hard to get the house guests to vote 3-3 so he can have the tiebreaking vote to deliver the final "I'm better than you blow".
  • Shannon's mother is interviewed and says she thinks her daughter's toothbrush incident was an excellent idea and she would have done the exact same thing. She also says she doesn't like Will and hopes she doesn't have to meet him.
  • Will's mom is interviewed also and says that when Shannon leaves the house Dr. Will probably will make a play for Krista.
  • Shannon and Will have a dinner date on the patio served by some of the other house guests.
  • The television audience is asked by poll what house guest they would like to see receive a three minute call from a family member next week.
  • Mike is perplexed why groceries (that included seafood) for 9 people could possibly even cost more than $187.

July 28 Saturday (day 24) episode 11
  • Kent nominates Mike and Krista for departure.
  • Mike verbally lashes out at Kent for the nomination and promises a week long fight.
  • Will tells Big Brother he lied about the nomination promise he made with Kent and he says he will immediately nominate Hardy and Kent as soon as he gets HOH.
  • Kent sheds tears as he finds pictures and drawings from his wife and daughters in his HOH room.
  • The guests discover an Egyptian mummy tomb in the backyard as a lead into their pyramidal food challenge.
  • Krista tells the women (and the world) how much she misses and needs sex.
  • Mike borrows Will's silk komono robe and tries to make a play for Krista but she basically ignores him.
  • Everyone makes a custom patio stone as a BB2 craft.

July 31 Tuesday (day 27) episode 12
  • Monica wins the CD music reward competition by tossing the most blank CD's (total 5 versus Kent's 4) into a floating bowl in the pool.
  • The television poll question that asked which house guest should receive a call from home was awarded to Hardy so he was able to talk to his grandmother for 3 minutes.
  • At the Monday house meeting Krista argues that she is doing most of the house cleaning and cooking.
  • Mike states (secretly to Will) that his banishment possibility is like a movie with all the supporting cast taking over and ousting the main star.
  • A new sub group has emerged called "the smokers" (Kent, Monica, Nicole)

August 2 Thursday (day 29) episode 13
  • Hardy and Will actually become friends and start hanging out together.
  • Mike expresses his feelings for Krista on his exit interview with Julie.
  • All the guests vote for Mike except Will.
  • Krista cries after Mike kisses her and leaves the house.
  • Tv audience is asked what animal the house guests should have for a week. a) Pot bellied pig b) Hamster or c) Goldfish.

August 4 Saturday (day 31) episode 14
  • Hardy stumbles and cries over his chosen words for Kent and Will at the nomination table.
  • Bunky secretly tells the camera (after a chat with Hardy) that he is going to win.
  • Kent runs out of cigarettes and decides to quit with the aid of nicotine patches supplied by Big Brother.
  • Nicole calls Will's bluff about showering together and starts taking her clothes off and opens the shower door while he is lathered up but chickens out at the last minute despite his insistence to hop in.
  • Mike's exit message to Krista is very touching not only to her but everyone is blown away as they view the video.
  • Everyone participated (except Kent) and got to view the dance routine video that Mike had helped to coorinate last week.

August 7 Tuesday (day 34) episode 15
  • Monday meeting becomes a shouting match for Kent and Hardy.
  • Ophelia the pot-bellied pig becomes the new house guest from the TV poll.
  • Will tries to train a wild bird on the patio.
  • The girls win the blow up doll luxury challenge.
  • Monica actually gets vocal and vents on Kent.
  • Kent continues to bury himself by upsetting people.
  • Will kicks back and watches as "the predators go after each other".

August 9 Thursday (day 36) episode 16
  • Hardy's back home girlfriend is featured in an edited segment.
  • Krista tells Will about her secret alliance with Hardy and Monica since day 3.
  • Kent has bad things to say about all the guests (except Bunky) in his exit intervew with Julie.
  • Bunky cries as he votes for Kent to leave the house.
  • This week's TV poll asks, "Which outdoor item would you like to see the guests have .. a porch swing, a regular swing, heavy bag, exercise bike, trampoline or new grass?
  • The house seems more peaceful now that all the fighters are gone but of course that can quickly change as soon as this week's new nominations are discovered.

August 11 Saturday (day 38) episode 17
  • Nicole nominates Krista and Monica thinking that they are a "two" which threatens her game strategy.
  • Krista says she can not go back to her hometown after the show because she doesn't know who she is anymore.
  • Everyone has trouble understanding what Monica is saying half the time.
  • Krista takes a shower with Ophelia the pig.
  • Houseguests raid the refrigerator for the good stuff at midnight after the peanut butter & jelly curfew is lifted for Krista's (drink your dinner challenge) food loser day.

August 14 Tuesday (day 41) episode 18
  • Everyone jumps on the new trampoline from the TV poll.
  • Ophelia the pig leaves the house.
  • Nicole is suspicious of Hardy and Krista lying to her about the untouchables (UT).
  • Nicole says to Will, "what's the chances of Monica winning HOH over us?"
  • Krista and Monica determine in a secret discussion that everyone had schemed to get them.
  • The history of Will and Nicole's relationship is shown from the early hate roots to the budding buddys they have become today.

August 16 Thursday (day 43) episode 19
  • Mike "Boogie" greets Krista after she is evicted tonight.
  • Bunky breaks down and cries almost uncontrolably as he votes live in the diary room for Krista.
  • Hardy ends the show by saying that the Big Brother house is just like being in prison.
  • Julie announces there will be no Saturday show but there will be shows Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Nicole is considered by all as the most dominating force in the house this week as she personally sees that Krista is ousted by stacking the votes.
  • Krista expresses her dislike for Nicole and says she will not vote for her if she is one of the last two.

August 21 Tuesday (day 48) episode 20
  • Will is seen crying over not giving Krista a sympathy vote during her eviction.
  • Bunky might have blown his chances of winning the final game by accepting the food challenge $5000.
  • Hardy wants Will out and Bunky wants Hardy out.
  • Hardy is shown kissing Bunky as an apology.
  • No HOH this week with a special HOH Wednesday show tomorrow.
  • Bunky tries to make an alliance with Monica.

August 22 Wednesday (day 49) episode 21
  • Hardy wins Hoh with Geography & former houseguest trivia.
  • Bunky wins the TV poll for a letter from home and cries when he reads it.
  • Everyone confesses that they have been in the house so long that they forget what it is like outside.
  • Bunky finally confesses to all the guests about his sell-out of the food challenge.

August 25 Saturday (day 52) episode 22
  • Bunky turns down Will's offer to barter for cigarettes.
  • Hardy tells Will that not nominating him would be like having Christmas without presents.
  • Will tries to get Nicole to persuade Hardy to nominate Bunky and Monica instead of him but it doesn't work.
  • Will points out that he is in trouble this time because he always gets nominated when Will is HOH.
  • Monica says, "The Hardy tower will tumble and I just want to be there when it happens".
  • BB needed to close the Blue Bedroom because only five gusets remain but they gave them a chance to paint it the way they wanted in this episode.

August 28 Tuesday (day 55) episode 23
  • Bunky finds laughable humor in calling Hardy and Nicole the "bully and the bitch".
  • Nicole and Will have a large conflict over respect (or lack there of towards Nicole) but then make up after a meeting.
  • Bunky and Will fly over LA in a one hour hellicopter ride after winning the luxury challenge.
  • House guests get new sportswear clothes in a 90 second private boutique shopping spree set up in the living room as a result of the TV poll.
  • Will's diary room confessions and antics make the show more interesting as he candidly discusses his strategy and feelings for the other guests.
  • Will feels he has bought another week in the house by making a shady deal with Hardy and Nicole about not nominating them together if he should get HOH.

August 30 Thursday (day 57) episode 24
  • Cliff hanger for HOH position as Monica, Nicole and Will are set-up for an endurance test to see who will outlast who and claim the hoh.
  • Bunky gets evicted from the house in a 2-1 vote (HOH Hardy cast the tie breaker)
  • Will's brother is shown describing Will as a wonderful person, nature lover, and a great person nothing like he is portraying in the house.
  • Bunky's husband is seen talking about what a wonderful person Bunky is and their day to day alternative life together.
  • The new TV poll question asks ... The houseguests need a change of scenery. Which one of the following should BB change the backyard into for one day...1 - A Snowy Winter Wonderland OR 2 - A Sunny Day At The Beach.
  • Julie announces that the Saturday show is cancelled but they will show (3) shows in a row next week (Tues, Weds, Thurs) and the Weds show is a program that must and can not be missed because it will feature (4) of the members from the last (2) shows of survivor.

September 4 Tuesday (day 62) episode 25
  • Julie Chen introduces Jervis and Sue from the Survivor one show and Jeff and Allecia from Survivor two and explains that these four people will be entering the house and spending the night with the unexpecting house guests.
  • Monica wins HoH and nominates Nicole and Hardy.
  • Will tells diary room that Monica is his new best friend.
  • As a result of the TV poll the house guests discover a winter wonderland in the backyard complete with snow, a stuffed polar bear and penquins and christmas trees.   Of course, a snow ball fight ensues.

September 5 Wednesday (day 63) episode 26
  • Survivors win $15,000 in backyard obstacle course challenge.
  • Survivors spend the night with the Big Brother guests and give them advise on how to play the game.   Sue said, "Show me a good loser and I'll show you a loser".
  • Survivors help house guests play a "crack the code game" to get an opportunity to look at a fan web site of themselves. Whoopee Whoa.

September 6 Thursday (day 64) episode 27
  • Hardy gets evicted by Will!
  • Will wins part one of three for the last HoH competition.
  • Neither Hardy or Nicole exercise their opportunity to plead their case wanting to stay in the house to Will before Will drops the gavel (scratching my head on this one, must be a pride thing, because where I come from - $500,000 dollar opportunities really don't show themselves that often).

September 18 Tuesday (day 76) episode 28
  • Nicole wins the final HoH competition.
  • Monica gets evicted by HoH Nicole.
  • All the evicted house guests are profiled in this episode as to what they are doing now.

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