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July 5 Tuesday (day 1) episode 1
  The house guests were immediately informed of their first challenge within 15 minutes of being in the house..."The food competition" yikes! eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches all week unless the group can pull off the "12 in a car" challenge.   After lots of elbows and knees and creative manuevering the group somehow managed to fit the groceries and their 12 bodies inside a new 2002 Buick Rendevous SUV for exactly one minute.   Groceries are won for the week but wait!   Don't get out of that car just yet because whoever is the last one out gets to keep the car!   Kent wins the car after everyone jumps out deciding that winning the car might jeopardize their relationship with the other guests at such an early point in the game.
July 7 Saturday (day 3) episode 2
  The male house guests were asked to find women's bathing suits to wear for their next challenge.   After lots of laughs on the swimsuit modeling everyone went outside to find a new swimming pool set-up on the basketball court filled with oatmeal looking stuff.   The challenge was to find 12 keys lost in the pool sludge.   Mike was to enter the pool first and when he found a key he was to call out the name on the key and invite that person to start looking for the next.   So one by one they managed to find all the keys and get out of the pool in the alloted time limit.   The reward for the "dirty dozen" was unlimited use of the hot tub for the next 2 weeks.
July 10 Tuesday (day 6) episode 3
  The guests were given a project to make a home movie of the Big Brother house.   Everyone became an instant director barking ideas and possible scene shots until they finally pulled resources together as a group and came up with some very clever and funny scenes.   Scenes like Sheryl being pampered in the hot tub by 4 men, Mike narrating that everyone in the house gets along fine with each other (as you watch 2 women in the background engaged in a cat fight), and funny bathroom scenes involving lack of privacy.   A second challenge was read by Mike where the group had to make a human letter spelling of their favorite dinner and if Mike could come back out of the house and read it from atop the lifeguard perch then dinner would be delivered.   After much thought they layed out on the basketball court and methodically manuevered their bodies to configure the letters f-i-l-e-t.   Mike came out of the house, climbed up on the stand and shouted "filet mignon!!"   There was a feeding frenzy that evening.
July 12 Thursday (day 8) episode 4
  Today was election day for Nicole and Sheryl.   An election to see who will be evicted from the house that is.   As the guests one by one went into the interview room to verbally cast their votes it become quickly apparent that the majority of the house had moved to Nicole's side and in a surprising move voted for Sheryl 5 to 3 to leave the house.   Mike looked like he had seen a ghost when the eviction was announced!   For the first time Big Brother was confronted with a challenge, whether to remove Justin or not for threatening other house guests with bodily harm!   Yes, it is sad and almost unbelievable but the first "Mega-like" contestant showed his ugly head again.   Seems Justin's idea of fun is to hold a kitchen knife to Krista's throat, get up in Kent's face and tell him he is going to knock him out, tell Bunky that the last man that touched his head is minus 3 teeth now, throw wine bottles and urinate in the backyard, I think you get the point ... a real 1st class jerk.   Big Brother made a wise business decision to get rid of him for the safety of the other house guests.  
July 14 Saturday (day 10) episode 5
  Krista wins the head of household challenge.   All the guests were blindfolded and lined up in a row on the basketball court.   They were asked true or false questions by Julie Chen, for instance Julie asked, "Ok houseguests, if you think the awning over the porch is green step forward."   After about 7 questions and the process of elimination Krista was victorious answering the last question about the total number of legal marriages the house guests have had.   Food competion this week pitted the men against the women where they had to guess their own weight and then compare that to an actual scale weighing.   The guys came in missing their total weight by only 2 pounds over the girls 3 pound margin.  
July 17 Tuesday (day 13) episode 6
  The women are pitted against the men again in a mechanical bull riding competition.   Shannon represents the women by staying on the bull for 30 seconds unlike Will who gets thrown off in 7 seconds.   The reward for winning the robot rodeo was a barbeque dinner with all the trimmings.
July 19 Thursday (day 15) episode 7
  The head of household challenge tonight was a series of questions answered with numbers 0-9.   The house guests were sequestered on the basketball court with 0-9 flash cards as Julie asked questions like -   "Out of the remaining 9 house guests how many children or step children do they have total?",   "how many have high school diplomas?",   "how many letter N's are on the remaining keys?",  "how many guests are over 150lbs?", etc.   It came down to Shannon and Hardy with Hardy coming closest to guessing the total age of all the house guests (300).
July 21 Saturday (day 17) episode 8
  The food competition on tonight's episode was a group challenge this time instead of male/female.   The guests were given 27 yellow rubber balls (the size of a tennis ball) and asked to write a favorite food item on each one they would like to have in the house.   Next they were assembled outside and told about 100 balls were going to be lobbed into the courtyard one at a time about three seconds apart.   They could keep the balls they caught as long as they didn't hit the ground.   After about 5 minutes of 100 flyng balls over the walls from all directions the house guests dived and jumped to collect about 15 of the original food balls.   They met back at the kitchen table and one by one revealed their catch of the day.
July 24 Tuesday (day 20) episode 9
  The one challenge on tonight's episode was for a grand prize of professional laundry cleaning?   Yes, the guests were divided into two teams of four people.   Each team had two people dressed in red shorts, red shirt and red hat and two dressed in similiar clothes except they were blue.   The object was for the red clothed part of the team to stand at the end of a moving clothes line and receive blue clothes fed one at a time from the blue part of their team on the other end.   The first team to successfully exchange all their colored clothes and get them back on the fastest would win the challenge.   Kent, Krista, Shannon and Nicole won the prize of having all their personal clothes professionally laundered and folded by a cleaning company.  Sure beats manually washing your clothes on a wash board and old crank wringer.  
July 26 Thursday (day 22) episode 10
  The head of household challenge was won by Kent tonight by successfully guessing the closest grocery dollar value that was purchased for the guests in last Saturday's food competition win.   Kent guessed $700 and Mike guessed $187 (the actual amount of the groceries was $1000).   The competition began with the seven houseguests (HOH Hardy excluded) each postioned on the middle step of a 3 step platform blindfolded.   As the high-low type number questions were asked by Julie the cast moved up one step if they thought the answer was higher or down one if they thought it was lower.   One of the questions asked was .. "on the new toaster (that Bunky got for the house) does it have more than 3 slots or less than 3 slots"?   Believe it or not .. Bunky was eliminated by this question.
July 28 Saturday (day 24) episode 11
  House guests continue working for their food as Big Brother challenges them to a food group pyramid game.   A pyramidal type shelf unit is presented on the basketball court containing 7 groupings of food ... meat, veggies, dairy, fruit, bread, seafood and sweets.   Kent hosts and the 7 remaining guests are told to each pick a food group.   If the guest answers 2 out of 3 questions correctly about his food group then they win that food group as part of their groceries for the week.   Everyone wins their group except Monica with dairy and Krista with fruit.   The questions were a bit over some heads as Monica never learned that milk was homogenized and Krista thought mushrooms were a fruit.
July 31 Tuesday (day 27) episode 12
  The music challenge:   Everyone had preselected a favorite CD that they would like to enjoy for the week and they were all put in a red bag.   Just for fun each guest drew one CD from the bag and had to guess who's CD it was.   Then they all assembled by the pool for the actual competition to see which houseguest was going to get the use of their CD and a personal CD player for the week.   Each guest was given 10 blank CD'S and the object was to toss them (one at a time) into a floating bowl in the pool.   Monica came in the Victor with 5 CD'S in the bowl and Kent held up second place with an impressive showing of 4 CD'S.   Monica's CD choice? ... Michael Jackson's Thriller.
August 2 Thursday (day 29) episode 13
  The only challenge tonight was of course the coveted head of household award.   As Julie Chen stated, "it is a must win award for anyone who wants to stay in the game".   The houseguests were given large six sided picture cubes with pictures of the evicted former houseguests (including Mike) on each side and one side left blank.   Julie asked questions about the former guests and the contestants had to display the face of the guest they thought was the right answer. After a series of six questions only Hardy and Nicole were left competing.   Hardy answered the last question correctly beating Nicole quickly for the win.   Everyone just sort of sighed with Hardy's win probably because it was his second time around again to don the royal terry robe and slippers.   The win question? .. Who was the tallest former guest?   Correct answer: Mike.
August 4 Saturday (day 31) episode 14
  This week's "earn your food" contest was very easy for some people but sickening for others.   First, all the guests were asked to each pick out their favorite dinner to enjoy in the upcoming week.   Thinking this was going to be their reward for the contest they quickly picked out their meal with all the trimmings.   Will picked out Japenese food, Kent picked out prime rib with baked potato, Monica and Krista chose fast food, Bunky mexican and Nicole a veggie plate.   They were then seated at a table outside with their favorite dinner in front of them and told that in order to win the dinner for the rest of the guests on their particular day of the week was to simply eat it in five minutes.   Sounded simple enough until Hardy continued to read the rules ... the guests had to drink the dinner after it had been thoroughly whipped in a blender.   They had to drink 20 ounces and keep it down for three minutes in order to win.   Kent and Nicole had a terrible time getting it down almost getting sick but managed to pull it off.   Krista could not even swallow the mixture so lost the food for all the guests on her day (peanut butter & jelly is not bad for just one day). Will, Hardy, Bunky and Monica had no problem getting their blend of vitavegimeatamin down and almost seemed to enjoy it.
August 7 Tuesday (day 34) episode 15
  As the guests were summoned into a storage room they found blow up dolls that they had to dress up to look like themselves.   They did a remarkable job in the lookalikes with wigs, makeup and their own clothes.   The girls were pitted against the guys again for winning luxury items of their choice up to $100.   Kent picked perfume for his wife, Will picked flowers sent to Shannon, Krista picked flowers sent to Mike (?), Monica wanted $100 worth of cigarettes, Nicole wanted roses sent to her husband, Bunky wanted vitamins and Hardy picked sneakers.   The challenge?   Go into the house one at a time (blindfolded of course) and try to find their doll that Big Brother had cleverly tried to hide.   The girl team won as they left Will in the house last still thrashing around looking for his doll.   Hardy automatically won his luxury item because he was HOH to the dismay of Kent who thought that was unfair and BB was playing favorites.   Will said he wanted to win this challenge more than any others but felt he let his team and Shannon down because he didn't win.
August 9 Thursday (day 36) episode 16
  A long two lane shuffle board was set up on the basketball court so the house guests could practice for a couple of days before the live Thursday night HOH challenge.   The object was to to slide their house key down the long slick board and be closest to the end without going over.   The end of each board was labeled bathroom, dining room, livingroom, blue bedroom, brown bedroom and the last 'HOH"   Each of the five guests (not including Hardy hoh) had only one throw so they all took their time to line up the shot and make it count.   Will went first and his key landed in the first space titled "bathroom".   Monica steps up next, cracks her knuckles and does some kind of boogie dancing moves as she zips her key down lane 2 with blazing speed past Will's and over the edge like a rocket.   Will is still a contender until Krista moves past him in lane 2 with her slide, then Bunky balks his must win opportunity which indirectly probably cost him the 500g's.   Finally Nicole steps up and puts them all away with the best distance shot to become victorious and grab all the perks and stress that comes with the HOH honor.
August 11 Saturday (day 38) episode 17
  The guests found a huge cereal bowl filled with sawdust on the basketball court and were told by Nicole that 26 plastic letters were mixed in the bowl representing all the letters of the alphabet.   As they climbed into the bowl one at a time, they chose one letter and had 30 seconds to quickly name as many foods starting with that letter as they could.   Each guest got to find two letters and contribute to the food list.   The challenge was sort of lame because everyone won and there wasn't really any special talent required to win food.   Monica however did have a problem with the letter "E" because all she could think of was "egg" (of course, Will made mention of this in the diary room later).   Hardy thought it was especially funny that he thought of breasts and beer for the letter "B' and Will thought he was particularly clever by suggesting pink lemonade, pork and pink alcoholic beverages for the letter "P" (at least he didn't say peanut butter!).
August 14 Tuesday (day 41) episode 18
  The six houseguests form into three groups: Krista-Monica, Will-Bunky, Hardy-Nicole to compete for three minutes of time in the diary room which is filled with newspapers, magazines and TV news of current events.   Each team is asked three questions about current events to answer true or false and the team with the most correct answers gets the use of the news room.   This was the same challenge they did on the Big Brother # 1 show, remember?   The Will and Bunky team win by answering 3 out of 3.   A good challenge but a lame prize.
August 16 Thursday (day 43) episode 19
  No challenges are seen tonight as Big Brother does a special live TV broadcast on the Monica/Krista eviction voting.
August 21 Tuesday (day 48) episode 20
  Blockbuster luxury challenge   Bunky wins a private viewing of the "American pie II" movie complete with concession food and theater seats set up in the HOH room.   All the guests competed for this prize by chopping away at a block of ice that had a theater ticket frozen in the middle using only an axe handle and water as tools to free the ticket.   The object was to successfully get their ticket and walk through the turnstiles and be the first person to deposit it in a box.   Winner Bunky was allowed to bring a guest to his movie so he chose Monica who really appreciated the gesture.
    Greed food challenge   The (5) guests were sent into the house to find 5 individual jars of peanut butter but where told to not open them.   Julie then called them one by one into the diary room and made each one a money offer to give up food for themselves and the rest of the houseguests and eat only peanut butter and jelly.   Bunky was first offered $2500 to eat PB&J for 5 days but turned Julie down, then she offered $5000 for 4 days and he took it.   Next Hardy was final offered $7500 for 3 days of PB&J and he took the offer.   Monica, Nicole & Will all turned down the final offer of $7500 stating that couldn't do that to their fellow houseguests.   Finally the guests were informed one by one secretly over the telephone if they had the winning number on the inside of their peanut butter jar. Julie told Bunky that he had won the $5000 for having the number one but the consequences were that everyone had to suffer and eat PB&J for 4 days. Bunky kept this a secret during this episode and was shown crying later in the diary room saying that he had made a mistake by taking the money because he felt he had betrayed everyone.   All the houseguests were trying to figure out who the culprit was that stiffed them on the food for 4 days.   Surely they will find out by tomorrow's episode and the greed is probably going to hurt Bunky's chances of winning the big one.
August 22 Wednesday (day 49) episode 21
  Hardy won the HOH challenge this evening my successfully steering his remote control car around the USA map set on the basketball court.   He had to steer his car to the states of the evicted house guests (in order of their eviction) and be the first to knock down the flag on each state.   Everyone was eliminated except Bunky and Hardy who came down to the second half of this challenge by having to steer their remote cars between obstacles placed on the course like for example: oil rigs on Shannons state Texas.   Bunky's time came in at 2:20 and Hardy came in with the better time of 2:09 to win the coveted and power looming position of HOH..   We are definitely looking forward to Saturday's nominations. (Prediction is Will and Bunky)
August 25 Saturday (day 52) episode 22
  As the end of the four day PB&J diet counts down to some real food again Will counts down from two minutes for the storage room to open so they can get a fast food meal that Big Brother is providing for them.   Finally the door opens and they enjoy a long awaited regular food meal (and Bunky earns $5000 for their 4 day suffering).   Which leads them into the announcement of the next food competion being held in the backyard.   They scramble out to find huge building blocks, color-coded for different food groups.   The object is to build a tower and each block from the different food groups they use, they will win one item of their choice from that group.   They remove pieces from the bottom and place them on the top until the tower eventually falls over.   Monica was scared of heights using the ladders but Nicole and Hardy steadied her on each climb by standing behind her.  Real food is won again as the guests do a group hug for their accomplishment.
August 28 Tuesday (day 55) episode 23
  The first part of the luxury challenge showed the guests receiving a light styrafoam figure to decorate as a look-a-like to themselves.   Everyone was very enthusiastic about doing the project except Nicole who refused to participate because she hates arts and crafts projects.   Will told Nicole he would assist her with the project but Nicole got furiously mad when Will painted her figure in a humorous way.   The guests were led outside for the second part of the luxury challenge and instructed to take the styrafoam figures of themselves (now placed in a small basket) and send them above the BB compound walls with the help of helium balloons.   The first two helium balloon baskets that left the yard would be rewarded with a helicopter ride around LA.  Will contributed his winning to his medical training as he tied one handed knots as he pulled the helium balloons quickly off the tank and was the first to send his basket airborne.   Bunky came in second claiming his balloon filling skills were due to his experience he had in a part time party planner position.   Bunky and Will were blindfolded and led out of the house into a waiting helicopter that whisked them away on an airborne one hour engagement flying by monuments like the Hollywwod sign, the Playboy mansion and Dodger's stadium.
August 30 Thursday (day 57) episode 24
  This live show took 45 minutes to evict Bunky from the house and they left the last 15 minutes of the show for the HOH challenge.   The new HOH challenge is the most agressive BB2 event to date.   Of course this HOH position is an important "must win to survive" challenge for Monica, Nicole or Will who all completely understand the consequences of losing.   They are told to stand on (3) mats facing a replica open air HOH room set-up in the backyard including some carpet and furniture items but the main focus was on the water bed with the infamous green eviction box in the center.   Julie says, "Ok guys, get your house key from the butler statue and go sit on the bed but your feet can not be touching the ground.   Now insert your key into an eviction box slot but do not remove your hand from the key as you do this".   She continues to say, "Here's the challenge...the last one to be left on the bed holding their key will be the new HOH".   Hardy laughed from the sidelines which wasn't appreciated by the three people on the bed who had to endure this survivor-like challenge.   We are left with a wild cliff hanger as the show ends and the three guests are clutching onto their keys for dear life.   How long can they last? .. because Nicole freaks out when she has to even take a couple of minutes out of her life to draw magic marker lines on a styrafoam doll,   Monica tells the cameras that she will relieve herself on the bed in order to win, and Will has already expressed his need to go to the bathroom as soon as the challenge began so he might be in trouble.   Looks like Monica might have the slight edge and leg up here on this one.   Guess we will find out in the next episode.
September 4 Tuesday (day 62) episode 25
  No challenges this evening as we see the HoH challenge cliff hanger finish up from the last show which shows Monica winning HoH when Will accepts a giant peanut butter jar and relinquishes his chances at the title.   This evening also airs the nomination ceremony where we see Monica break up "the power" of Nicole and Hardy therefore giving Will the one and only vote to evict one of them.  
September 5 Wednesday (day 63) episode 26
  Monica gives out Big Brother T-shirts to everyone and reads, "Are you ready for the ultimate reality showdown?"   Just then the front door bell rings and everyone is looking up scratching their heads like Jethro Bodine used to do.   When they realize it really is someone at the front door they discover (4) survivors.   After all the initial hello's and screaming in dsibelief they get to know each other a little better but after about an hour the house guests realize that they are there for a challenge.   Yes!   BB2 against Survivors in a celebrity death match (well, not exactly death).   Each group is hand cuffed together at the wrists and have to erect a tower of eight blocks that spell "Survivor" and "Bbrother".   After that they can cut their bands and jump into the icey pool, retrieve a hidden key and then snuff out one of the four lit torches.   First group to extinguish all four of their torches wins $15,000 to split between them.   Survivors win barely because the Big Brother group had the lead all the way until Monica jumped in the pool and got disoriented and couldn't find a key.   Second challenge of the evening paired one BB guest with one survivor and they played "crack the code" game where they each had an encrypted message and then were given clues how to crack the code which leads them to a hiding place of a computer mouse that operated a computer where they could view a personal fan web site of themselves.   The Hardy and Sue team finds the mouse in the dryer so Hardy wins and views a personal fan site (too bad he didn't get to view this site because he would have got a surprising inside look at the real house - might even of given him an edge).
September 6 Thursday (day 64) episode 27
  The whole episode this evening was dedicated to the eviction (it was held live) but they managed to block out the last ten minutes of the show to begin Round 1 of 3 in the final Hoh competion.   Each of the past evicted house guests gave a positive word and a negative word to describe each of the remaining guests.   The remaining guests (Monica. Nicole & Will) had to decide what word was chosen for a certain guest. (Example: Autumn said honest, loyal, brave & caring - who did she say was brave? Answer is Nicole). Will takes 5 points and the lead tonight with his correct answers to Nicole's 4 and Monica's 3.   We are left hanging on the cliff again so it is now on to next Tuesday's round 2 for the HoH position.   Remember, the winner of this very important last HoH competition gets to single handedly vote out the third person leaving only two on the chopping block for the past guests to decide the final fate.
September 18 Tuesday day 76 episode 28
  Nicole wins the final HoH competion by successfully answering questions about the former house guests.  

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