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On this page, you will find things that we write, things that may be bothering us, things that we can't get off our mind, etc. Please remember these are our views and not the views of Unrelated Brothers Productions. Enjoy.


9.22.02 What do you do when it happens to you again? You can't blame it on someone else, because you should have know it would happen again. What happens? You tell everyone to go fuck themselves. So hey, all of you out there....go fuck yourselves. In a loving way...cause i'm not mad at everyone. so the people i'm not mad at, have fun fucking yourselves.


9.22.02 What is it with younger girls these days? Is there a such thing as a little girl anymore? I go to the store, and I see this: an eight year old girl wearing a glittery shirt, tight ass "Mudd"-like jeans, blush, eye shadow, just make-up up the ass, her hair curled, etc. Hell, sometimes I see 'em wearing nylons and high heels, or big ol' leather "hooker" boots. Now I understand you want your kids to look nice, but why in the shit is your eight...eight....I said EIGHT year old daughter dressed like a 25 year old prostitute! Yes, it is true that nowadays, kids are thinking ahead of their age. What I mean by this is that younger kids know about sex and drugs and such. But that's no excuse. You can almost hardly tell the difference between a 12 year old and a 20 year old anymore. Just ten years ago I was that age, and not once did I ever see a girl in class dressed like Pamela Anderson on clubbin' night. Next thing you know, we're gonna see the eight year old boys with big platinum chains, with extremely baggy pants walkin' around like they're limping, and grabbing their crotches askin' the eight year old girls where their money is...Society really is going to hell.

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