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Past Ramblings

9.11.02 Shit dawg...whats up? One year ago today, the terrorist attacked america. Honestly, i have typed this rambling at least four times now...but every time i do, it doesn't come out the way i want it to. so, i'm just going to drop that subject.
Turns out the URB productions now has a band. We will most likely be signing Boy Magician as our official soundtrack band, responsible for writing and performing most songs in the movie. we are still looking for other bands to do a few songs.
Its one month today that i have known 24 hours, i will be leaving to see her.
Major work is getting done for the movie...

9.1.02 Well, it's a new month. Can you belive in ten days it will be the 1 year anniversary of the WTC. Thats messed up. So much has happened to me in this past year...and you know what? I'm glad it did. Because if one thing was thing never happened the way it did, then things wouldn't be going the was they are right now. And as of right now, things are going great. Both Matt and I seem to be happy. Which is great. Some rough edges need to be smoothed out in some friendships...but it looks like things may be turning around for me in another way too. Thanks.

It's messed up. Life that is. No, not the cereal...thats stuffs good. Well, cinnamon life is. Anywho...its weird that one day you think life sucks and is pointless, and you are about to set your life on the track of boredom, then one day, one person comes along, and you realize that hey, life ain;t that bad. Sure, it has it's ups and downs, but if you do things right, then there's gonna be more ups then downs.
Thats all i got for now...don't worry, i got a lot more to say 8.13.02 Why is it that it seems that people do things just to piss me off? I fucking hate it when you tell someone a fucking personal thing about you, and by the end of the fucking night, everyone fucking knows. FUCK PEOPLE. this is the reason that i do not talk to people. i do not trust people. over this past weekend, i almost became close enough to a person that i had just meet to open up to them about things i was feeling. luckily, i caught myself. why don't i talk to anyone about it? because i don't fucking want to. i talked about it last time, and soon almost everyone fucking knew. EVERYONE. fuck that. i tell people i like being a loner with few friends....they ask why. i do not have to explain myself to you. You don't know me. fuck off. fuck fuck fuck.
On a lighter note, according to my spell check, fucking is not a word. but the suggested spelling is ducking. So DUCK OFF!!

8.7.02 You know a couple a months ago in night school class i was introduced to an author. He was one of those people who you either read his stuff and loved it, or you read it and wanted to throw up. I went out, bought the book, and i read it. I read the book, finished it, and then read it again. I realized that this man was amazing. This author, Jack Kerouac, was an inspiration. If you have never heard of him, or read him, i'll explain him really fast...Kerouac traveled across the states, and wrote down whatever came to his mind. it's awesome, but sometimes confusing. i recommend "Big Sur" or "On The Road" if you are interested in reading one of his books. Now why am i writing about this? i realized a while ago that i loved writing, and sometimes i am actually good at it. i realized that maybe that is something i want to try to do. in october i am taking a road trip. i'm packing and driving around the east coast for a week with a friend. we have one scheduled stop, then we plan on exploring everything we can. in that time i plan on starting my newest book. isn't it i can write a book that comes out to being over 100 pages, yet i can't think of a title for a movie?