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Anymore arranging contest between clubs is becoming a bigger and bigger problem.  There is the cost of mailing your photos, having someone arrange them, setting up a viewing, and all the other task that become involved with trying to arrange a competition.

We at the Shutterbug Camera Club recognize this problem and have come up with the solution of online contest.  Why online contest?

  1. There is no postal expense

  2. There is no traveling to a meeting

  3. There is no traveling for judges

  4. Contest can happen at anytime

Online contest are easy.  Your club may challenge our club or any other club world wide to an online contest. Our site will sponsor your contest.  Signing up is easy.  Judges maybe arranged from any other club world wide.  Contest thus far have been limited to the clubs we know.  This will allow your club to be seen in other countries and states, they may not be seen in otherwise.

What do you need to do?

  1. Sign up using the request for contest form.

  2. Submit your photos to our webmaster via email only.

  3. Your photos should be in Jpg or Jpeg format only and limited to 400 x 320 pixels horizontal or 300 x 450 pixels vertical       (if you need assistance with this contact our webmaster)

  4. Tell us who you wish to challenge

  5. Tell us who your judges are

  6. We will do the rest and create your contest site.

Example Photo Sizes

Each Club entering a contest is limited to 15 entries per contest. Each entry must be emailed to the Shutterbug Camera Club separately and each must be less than 1 meg in size.  Again contact our webmaster if you need assistance with this.

We welcome any and everyone to join in the fun.  Ribbons and awards are the responsibility of the individual clubs involved in the online contest.

Remember to request your contest today.  Arranging a contest can take up to 60 days, so plan in advance.


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