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Tarzan's Magic Fountain
Tarzan's Magic Fountain screencaps
Tarzan and the Slave Girl
Tarzan and the Slave Girl screencaps
Tarzan's Peril
Tarzan's Peril screencaps
Tarzan's Savage Fury
Tarzan's Savage Fury screencaps
Tarzan and the She-Devil
Tarzan and the She-Devil screencaps
Lex Barker Tarzan Photos 1
Lex Barker Tarzan Photos 2
Lex Barker Tarzan Photos 3
Foreign Tarzan posters
Dell Tarzan Comics
UK Tarzan Comics
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While the Tarzan motion pictures were popular in America, most of their profits were made in foreign countries. Tarzan movies were events in places like Egypt, Germany and in Asia. Here are some of the various Lex Barker Tarzan posters from foreign countries; some I think are better than the American versions.