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Welcome to the website created for one of Hollywood's most talented actors today, Denzel Washington.  Tall, dark, handsome and charismatic, Denzel has won the hearts of millions of fans all over.  He's played heros and leaders and has had 5 Academy Award nominations.  In 2002 he finally won his secnd (long overdue) Oscar for his role of Alonzo Harris, a corupt narcotics officer in "Training Day".  A role that was completely out of the norm for the type of characters he portrays.  This versatile actor, only proved that he can play any role presented to him.  Congratulations to Denzel for all of his accomplishments and thank you for keeping audiences entertained for over 20 years.


Film Schedule for February:

Courage Under Fire
Malcolm X
Training Day
John Q.
Devil In A Blue Dress
and more...........

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 for showtimes.


Out of Time

Starring Denzel Washington and Sanaa Lathan

Now on DVD!

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Now on DVD:

    Antwone          Fisher

  John Q.  & Training Day

Pick up this weeks episode of Jet Magazine with Denzel and Sanaa on the cover.
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"Family is life;  acting is making a living".    Denzel Washington

In production:
"Man On Fire" - Coming April 2004!
"The Manchurian Candidate" - status unavailable.

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