Fighting crime - especially in Gotham City - is a difficult and dangerous business. Batman's sophisticated weaponry proved to be a major engineering project for Special Effects Supervisor John Evans and the production team. Luckily, Evans is a veteran of several James Bond epics - excellent basic training for an action film like Batman.

Outrageous weapons and other gadgets are part of the Batman mythology. In the film, even the Dark Knight's uniform is something of a ''special accessory''. Says Costume Designer Bob Ringwood: ''The point of the Batman costume and cape is to interpret the comic book character and turn him into the Dark Knight of the movie. Our process has been to take something which is easy in two dimensions on the page, and turn it into a three dimensional moving thing that actually has some sort of animal quality''.

Grappling Gun: In comic books, the Dark Knight doesn't carry a gun that shoots bullets. In the film, he is armed, however, with this weapon, the Grappling Gun: A spring action, speargun-like device that shots a grappling hook and, when needed, paralyzing gas.

Batarang MK1: The Batarang is beside bat-grapple Batman's usually assigned defensive weapon. It resembles a boomerang, and it can come back to its thrower. It can be folded up in the center in order to be attached to the utility belt.

The Gauntlet: Batman uses this in the museum scene. This weapon can shoot two steel nails that pull wires at opposite directions, and then it serves as a trolley for a quick escape.