According to Production Designer Anton Furst, ''Gotham City and indeed the picture itself is a period view of the future.'' This kin of elaborate vision, needless to say, isn't achieved easily. During the most strenuous period of production, more than 200 skilled construction workers were putting in regular 12-hour shifts six days a week. According to industry veterans, this was the single largest outdoor set since CLEOPATRA, with more than sixty miles of tubular scaffolding just to strengthen the building shells.

''…as if hell had erupted through the sidewalks and continued on growing…'' This is how Gotham City looked, inspired, at least partly, by Fritz Lang's Metropolis.

Axis Chemical Factory: On the fringe of central London, a 75,000 square foot abandoned power station was transformed into the Axis Chemical Factory, nerve center for organized crime in the film.

During a period of four months, the Batman production team dominated the 95-acre backlot of England's famed Pinewood studios and the majority of its 18 sound stages.