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Ponape pepper is a legendary, rare peppercorn from the Pacific island of Pohnpei, previously known as Ponape. The pepper is fabulously unique, with a very sweet, distinct flavor, prized by gourmet chefs around the world. The industry is a small one in Micronesia and new harvests are just becoming available. We are proud to be able to supply this great pepper to the internet community! Please, check out our webpages and order some today!

The pepper is currently available in black or white, ground or peppercorns, 28 gram (one ounce) bags, decorative bottles; also available in plain pounds. Prized by chefs around the world, you will be amazed at the quality of taste. You never knew pepper could be so great! email us at for the latest info!(or click on the links to the right)

Pohnpei island has 130 square miles of total area, and only 20+ acres are planted in pepper, if that. The mostly mountainous island has been devoted to the sale of sakau (kava) and betlenut, as well as taro, bananas and breadfruit. The pepper trade suffered a serious setback when the government tried to run the business. As new farmers venture into the game, perhaps the pepper will one day become widely available.

Prized for it's distinct flavor, recipes for Pepper Steak and the perfect salad are enhanced and made unique by a dusting of Ponape pepper. Only a gourmand of the highest caliber could identify the exact taste of this pepper, buy some and amaze the most seasoned chef! An excellent present for the discriminating palate!

Who are we? My name is Marialice Epherium and I am actually an American lady who lives in Pohnpei and is selling the pepper for other people, the farmers that grow it here. The pepper we are selling right now comes from the Etscheit family farm in Nett or the Sei farm in Kitti. I also have an email discussion group if you are interested in the FSM, just go to Kaselehlie yahoogroup . I also sell local crafts on ebay. There's a link on the sidebar if you are interested. Thanks for visiting! And also, check out the new ponapepepper group if you want to know when we have sales.

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