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Lesson One

Lesson one is simple and easy, but takes time to fully master. Lesson one is the beginning of your journey for self-peace and inner strength. To prepare for lesson one, you will need...
-a dark room that isn't messy
-a pillow
-no noise at all
-yourself (of course)
-(optional) a lavender scent candle or purple candle

Once you have those things, place the pillow on the floor, light the candle (if you have it) in front of it and turn the noise and lights off. Sit on the pillow and take deep breaths. Stare at the flame for a few moments and take in the scent, or if you don't have a candle, close your eyes and imagine that you do.
Read closely:
Imagine your energy as your favorite color. Imagine a bubble with your energy inside it, floating down a stream. Imagine small bubbles appearing from the water. Each has things you have done that day that you regret. Imagine those bubbles popping. Concentrate on clearing your concious, and once you feel at peace with yourself, imagine a wall with a crack in it. Your thoughts leak from that crack. Anyone can read your thoughts. Now imagine fog in your favorite color engulfing the space in front of the wall. You can't see the wall or your thoughts leaving. You're mind is protected from fellow psychics.

Once you have mastered this (it will take time), you may move onto the next lesson. This lesson seems harder than it seems and it might take weeks to completely find peace with yourself. But the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single, small step.

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