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    You Found Me Welcome

    Welcome to my website here you will find pretty much everything that interests me which is in large Movies, Vampires and Writing. I am a grade A horror freak with an unhealthy obsession with the creatures of the night I am a writer working on you guessed it a vampire script which I plan to producer and direct and maybe act but let’s not waste space on what the future holds what is right now is the important thing isn’t it? So take a ride and look inside the mind of a madman maybe you’ll find that we aren’t so very different and that’s good I think because I like me. I am also very interested in the nature of reality and the truth that lies behind the veil that blinds. I love UFO’s and everything paranormal I devour mystical materials and I am searching for the truth because what we know now of the world can’t be it all can it? There is as much in this world that is unexplained as there is that is known. So have fun that’s the point is it not?

    My Favorite Movies

    The Matrix Series - Science Fiction
    Interview with the Vampire - Horror (I think:)
    Friday the 13th Series - Horror
    Evil Dead Series - Horror
    Hellraiser Series - Horror
    Nightmare on Elm Street Series - Horror
    Nightbreed - Horror
    Terminator Series - Science Fiction
    Halloween Series - Horror
    Phantasm Series - Horror
    Legend - Fantasy
    Starwars Series - Science Fiction
    Bladerunner - Science Fiction

    My Favorite Bands

    + GWAR + Black Sabbath + Metallica + Morbid Angel + Cannibal Corpse + Carcass + Ozzy + GNR + Primus + White/Rob Zombie + Green Day + Bonesaw + Vampire Horses + My Stuff + SlipKnot

    My Favorite Games

    + Resident Evil + Blood Omen + Nightmare Creatures + Enter the Matrix + Evil Dead + Friday the 13th + Star Wars Episode III + Pretty much any RPG +

    My Favorite Books

    Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles
    Micheal Slade's Ghoul, Headhunter & Cutthrought
    Whitley Stieber's Communion... Well all his books
    Bram Stoker's Dracula
    Richard Bach's Illusions
    James RedField's The Celestine Prophecy
    Stephen King's IT
    Davide Icke's The Biggest Secret
    Carlos Catsanea's books

    My Favorite Websites

    Haemavore Vampire Reality
    Horror Movie Fan Self Explanatory
    Freddy Vs Jason Good merchandise and free email
    The Matrix Is Free email and cool stuff
    The Vampire Chronicles Anne Rice vampires free email, chat & message board
    The Vampire Leave a message for the Vampire
    Vampire RealmAnne Rice fan site
    Links to it all

    Behind the Veil

    Alien Scalpel Victims of the Alien Abduction Phenomenon
    Coast to Coast AM Radio show Extraordinaire
    Unknown Country Whitley Strieber UFO Abductee
    Cryptozoology Bigfoot, Mothman, Lake monsters etc.
    Remote Viewing Learn to remote view
    Free Soul You are psychic
    Disclosure Project Disclose the facts about UFO's
    Enterprise Mission Mars, UFO's and other cool stuff
    Calros Castaneda Mystical teachings of Don Juan Matus



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